What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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daddy chris and atomwaffen faggots


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I'd lurk here occasionally whenever I saw jokes about Chris on 4chan and was reminded of him, but Protomagical Girl and the drama surrounding AGDQ was the actual impetus for me to sign up and comment.


Zoe Quinn, a.k.a. Chelsea Van Valkenburg. This was one of three sites where she couldn't pay for, cash in a favor, or threaten to shift the narrative to her liking. KF had(and has) the best, freshest & most thorough documentation of her misdeeds.
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The cow that is posters in the Mr. Metokur thread, specifically to tell the person to stop being a faggot and post the dox if they had them instead of the shameful display they got themselves banned with.


I did start first following Josh on youtube after hearing him visiting killstream or something else. To farms I really ended up when searching info on something more sinister than a real lolcow. Well I guess there are few lols in some animal torturers, kiddy diddlers and murderers too. Can't remember what was the very first I search info on.
But I guess it was Jersh really.

Tho very first peek was because of Mundane Matt. Just a peek. Didn't return for a while after that. And that would be 100% genuine lolcow.


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i stumbled across the mad at the internet on narcissa, and i was hooked quicker than that time i tried some of that fentanyl laced heroin

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When the YanDev fiasco occurred, I started to lurk the farms. Then Weeb Wars hits and gets me thinking about making an account here, I was close to not doing it
but the ResetEra filth and cow after cow got me to join.



Sorry, I couldn't pass that up. Yeah, he's not a lolcow but his appearances on streams did make me want to check this place out. I used to lurk /cow/ on 8Chan so I was familiar with a lot of the more famous cows like Chris, Phil, Big AL, etc...

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I was already mildly aware of this forum, not sure where I heard about it first, but I think it was ultimately a combination of Mumkey Jones, Nostalgia Critic and Chris Chan.


Our favorite gorl, Amberlynn Reid. I had been aware of her for some time, but only a week ago I found myself with an obsession I couldn't shake, or explain. On many days, half of my time has been spent chatting with other haydors on a 24/7 stream of ALR videos, and it has been quite fun.

I'm familiar with several other lolcows and the surrounding culture but never before have I gotten personally involved and invested. Maybe this will lead me to discover even greater lolcows to fall in love with.


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Susan Schofield - I've been following this shitshow for years.

Reddit has an inactive community and I've been lurking KF for almost 2yrs to stay updated. I admit I was apprehensive to join the community, but her court case is getting interesting and I need a place to talk about this lunatic so I caved.

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Ameberlynn Reid. Too bad that her content is more boring than it was when I first started lurking around the dusty era.


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Encyclopedia Dramatica linked to A&H articles at the bottom of their frontpage. I used to read through a few pages of this site around 2015 and that was it.

I actually joined after Jersh's streams ended up on my Youtube recommendations, and I just watched them out of curiosty.


Originally it was yanderedev before I made an account, but he's not even that amusing a lolcow besides the cuphead and gremlin things. Most of the time he just deletes everything and doesn't produce the lulz. Now it's primarily chris, although I find dobson funny because he's a huge example of all a Lolcow's biggest traits.

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