What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

Magnum Tenebrosum

Saw it mentioned somewhere while browsing about that Vic Mignogna case, remembered someone telling me "Kiwifarms is peaceful, it's inhabitants kind" back in 2013/14, so i had to check it out. My first week here and it already feels like home, lot of friendly people, nice mods ... free speech.


fat bird
The Hartley Hooligan goblins. I needed to read a narrative that wasn't dictated by their mother and allowed deviation from the "they're perfectly healthy girls they're just small" party line.

Islamic Creampie

Chris-chan. The CWCki was my go to rabbit hole late nights when I wanted to have a laugh and waste a few hours. Then I'd check the Chris-chan forum for more "up to the minute" coverage. Then I got too close to the hypermassive autism of the Farms and the gravitation pull dragged me in.

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