What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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Saw it mentioned somewhere while browsing about that Vic Mignogna case, remembered someone telling me "Kiwifarms is peaceful, it's inhabitants kind" back in 2013/14, so i had to check it out. My first week here and it already feels like home, lot of friendly people, nice mods ... free speech.


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The Hartley Hooligan goblins. I needed to read a narrative that wasn't dictated by their mother and allowed deviation from the "they're perfectly healthy girls they're just small" party line.

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Chris-chan. The CWCki was my go to rabbit hole late nights when I wanted to have a laugh and waste a few hours. Then I'd check the Chris-chan forum for more "up to the minute" coverage. Then I got too close to the hypermassive autism of the Farms and the gravitation pull dragged me in.
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I found kiwifarms through tumblr, some people wrote callout posts about certain tumblr users using threads regarding certain tumblr users with kiwi farms links , iirc the first thread i ever read was about rcdart.
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Farla of Pokemon fanfic that wants people to follow her rules on grammar. Not capitalizing the names of Pokemon that when used as a common noun. She's been doing it for oh eighteen years or so. And kiwifarms came up on google and I went down the rabbit hole.


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I'd have to say either Alex Mahan or Carlos Maza. I used to lurk their threads a lot before I made an account here.


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I lurked for well over two years before I started posting, although the Antifa thread is where I started posting.

In terms of my first lolcow ever, I'd been a regular ED reader pre-CWC which documented a plethora of eccentric personalities. I remember PeppermintPatti and a few other YouTube lolcows whose names escape me now.


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I can't remember the specific context it came up in, but I know it was something about Jonny Yaniv. I fell down a rabbit hole reading about him, found the farms - little did I know he was just the tip of the shitberg, and there was a practical treasure trove on all manner of degenerates just like him on here. You guys do the lord's work 👍