What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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So, I haven't seen a thread for this yet, but what Lolcow made you create an account?

Why? Was it to express anger? Was it to make a few jokes?

I'm just genuinely curious.
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Lucas Werner made me consider joining at first until I discovered more lolcows so technically all of them. As for why I mostly thought about wanting to interact with other users and talk about them
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I've been lurking on and off over the years, but I think what really dragged me in was the Zoosadist ring leaks.

I don't particularly care much about milk from most cows unless there's something especially horrific going on that's worth looking into from a legal standpoint. Watching someone get fat and accidentally leak their homemade sex tape is entertaining for some, I guess, but I think it's more gratifying to see someone who is actively abusing others get some comeuppance. Karmic balance etc.

Inb4 moralfag tag.


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Dan Cilley is what made me discover the farms. Saw him on the public freak out subreddit and thought he was the strangest person I'd ever seen. Then the Russell Greer thread was created and I had to join

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porncows thread

because no one made anything about lil' pedo Marsha May
It will never cease to amaze me that August Ames was disavowed for saying she won't fuck gay men but Marsha May was caught with gang members, drugs and trying to film child pornography with a thirteen year old and everyone seems fine with that
(I guess in Marsha's defense it was a female thirteen year old so you know, it's LGBTQ certified and approved)
I never saw any backlash and that bitch still gets work. I know the mainstream porn industry is more fucked up then pedowood but you'd think they'd try to hide it a bit better

Anyway as far as my answer Lena Kochman (though it's basically decided she isn't a lolcow) is how i found the farms. I saw many of her crazy videos on YouTube someone dropped her name in the comment section I searched her name and found her thread. The gangstalking community is a fascinating beast


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Pretty much everyone involved in Weeb Wars. Making an account just made it easier to follow the multiple threads, and also lets me post stupid shit for people to hopefully have a little internal chuckle about.


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I’m not sure, they were wearing a mask and held me at gunpoint until I’d made it past the captcha.