What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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Been interested in eccentric people for a long time, been lurking here and the wiki for a long time.

Started watching Mad at the Internet too, but I finally made an account to share relevant info during the ESA Doxing saga.

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None in particular. I mainly joined because I'm curious because I keep hearing Kiwi Farms is alt-right/far right and I guess some users might consider me slightly whatever you'd consider slight to mid-range progressives to be (the type that far righters don't like).

When seeing that 8chan thinks you guys are liberals, it made me think that this site may not be that bad and that the outrage is over-dramatic. It's not that bad as long as you don't go overboard. You guys definitely lean right, but it's not really particularly alt-right leaning. Maybe a tiny bit but most of you guys don't scream about racial idenity all the time.


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Nick Bate, but I didn't make an account until recently when I was perusing the Jazz Jennings thread and found myself aghast at the situation. This was around the time of the exploding neo-vadge.


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I'm pretty sure I found KF via Ali Rapp getting doxed and outed as a wannabe prostitute. That was back when I was still half-heartedly browsing KotakuInAction from time to time.

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Amberlynn Reid over a year ago. I remember a user mentioned this site in one of their younow reuploads so I decided to check it out. Ended up lurking for a long time.


The Classical one, Christian Weston Chandler. I later stayed for ADF who's honestly hilarious in his own way. But I follow so many I lost count.


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First it was maddox and then it was..uhh..what was the name of the guy that metokur confronted on the Kumite? Ross that's it. Jonathan Ross, then it was the Zoosadists, but I didn't join until I heard about Yaniv.

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I first came here for Todokaras (used to know her personally etc etc) but I finally joined for JY and to laugh at exceptional trannies in general.
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lurked years ago for spoony/dobson/rcdart, made an account to contribute to the smugruko dumpster fire.