What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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Jessica Yaniv.

I've seen Blaire White talk about Yaniv quite a bit and thought it'd be an interesting place to see what dumb thing Yaniv's doing now.


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Chris, ever since the cwcki stopped the daily update and just forwarded you to kiwifarms for "da update" I've been lurking took me a while but I desire to put my own input on Chris made me join.

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He used to do livestreams of eating pizza while taking a bath and stuff...one time his dad came in and took a dump while fatman was in the tub with a pepperoni pizza live. Totally wierd fucking family. Somebody linked his lolcow profile from here and that was it i was hooked.

Hadn't heard from chris in years but I think he is pushing 40...would not be surprised if he was dead or got a job and moved on with life.

He hasn't done a video since 2016.
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For me, it was a convicted thief, slurpee waster, and roadkill aficionado by the name of Alex Mauer. I had been following some gaming youtube channels who all started posting videos about Alex Mauer's various DMCA escapades, and I was curious as to where they were getting their info, so I googled around and came across Alex's thread here on the Farms. I then ran into various other threads such as the one about Something Awful, a community where I was active at the time, and one thing led to another. Thanks, Alex!


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Sophie LaBelle.

I actually discovered the thread completely by accident, and joined to discuss him here, as Facebook was becoming a bit too risky- the time I joined was when he had upped his sock puppet/personal army game. I didn't really discover other lolcows til about 6 or so months after I joined.


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Honestly? I can't fucking remember. I know I made an account because of Alec Holowka's death and Chelsea, the chick who accused him but I was a lurking guest for years and years before that. I remember I was looking for info on... Someone that was a lolcow and I was brought here.

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I watched Jim's exposé on Kero and the Zoo Crew and wanted more details. One thing led to another and I visit the site regularly. Something about the conversations here reminds me a lot of old 4chan before moot became the luggage lad.


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Amberlynn Reid originally.

When I finally got sick of reddit and all of the bullshit there I started coming back more regularly and finally branching out to other parts of the farms.


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Yanderedev, at first. Stayed to gawk at the Artcows and munchies for a while before I signed up purely to give ratings and the passing comment.


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Hartley Hooligans. I originally thought Gwen was Strong and Brave to post stories about her kids but then I did a google search and found her thread. I’ve stayed for Bex Gerber, tranny sideshows, and Sammie Bushart.

Finally registered on threat of Off Topic being off limits to the unregistered.


For me, it was Cosmo Wright. Knew about it since Chris's stunt with the mace but never actually visited until I happened upon that episode of Mad at the Internet.
Honestly, I found the farms while trying to find the Christchurch shooter's manifesto. I wanted to see what the fuck was the big fuss and why authorities were desperately trying to censor it. I got browsing around and decided to stay. got a few laughs from the "animal control" subforum, liked the "get that shit off the internet" subforum, and just decided to stay.
It was another farmer who actually brought me here, but it was the crazy trannies who inspired me to make an account finally. Considering the other member and I talked about/shared cow content with each other already (mostly dsp/wings/ltg/tampon john/tranny phil) it was only time.