What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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I heard about Kiwi Farms from LSB and Mister Metokur, but I never visited the site until I found the Raven Sparks thread. I finally made an account because I want to moo at fat people.

She had this video of Marmalade (Rest in Peace) about to give birth, and I wondered where were the angry comments about letting the cat get pregnant in the first place. There was a playlist about her gastric sleeve journey on her channel, and her Patreon had $11/month. She had a lengthy description about people harassing her for years, and her KF thread was among the top search results (I googled “raven aka starbl00d”).


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Well, been hearing about and looking into CWC since long ago so naturally I heard about Kiwi Farms sometime after it rolled around. Never bothered to make an account, though lurking was fun from time to time. Not really sure what drove me to finally commit, maybe Yaniv. Hard not to want to talk shit about that creature.

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I used to love reading those "your webcomic sucks" type blogs and I would look in on the more hateable types like Dobson evey once in a while and eventually you guys came up in a hate search. I found it overwhelming cause I was used to short little blogs as opposed to the total low-down on a person. Eventually I realised it was a great way to catch up on obscure drama I missed.


First came to this site for shit about cwc and YandereDev, but Amberlynn Reid was the one to make me actually sign up


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Came for Weeb Wars.

Sometimes I look for DSP and Yaniv sillyness; and other times looking at Linkara, Zoe Quinn, Sargon, and Mother's Basement's threads.

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The not so Mysterious Mr Enter and the repulsive Foodie Beauty thread is what attracted me to the farms.

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As just a reader, I can't actually tell anymore. But as a real user with an account, DSP, the bancrupt worst streamer / content creator who ever made big money with it.

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CWC. Used to frequent the wiki a decade ago. Chris is just depressing nowadays though, so my main source of entertainment is the Yanderedev thread.


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Back in the day when Noah Antwiler Aka Spoony One had a large following and first moved to IL. I did a random late night search and found a forum that loved to archive his antics. Lets just say they love beating a dead animal. Members made a mention of a certain forum but it was censored as "Canine Hotdog Stand" when I finally found this place I lurked for a while on the spoony thread, then found Yandere Dev had a topic and finally TGWTG. I finally joined after that.

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Boogie2988 bought me here from r/SamandTolki as a reader. I signed up because of Kevin Gibes the horrorcow.



I saw a couple of tweets by pure chance using the "CONSUME THE CUM CHALICE" pic. I hadn't seen it with those captions before. But I cannot forget that fucking face for the love of me. I wanted to check if the people were aware of what they were using or if they knew who Mahan is and came across the Discord Ban Speedruns which made me sad because I missed them... But at least I got the lolz. Then I decided to research a bit more and ended up on a thread in here where there's a nice compilation of all his bullshit... I just can't stay away from this. I'll look into more stuff around here but damn I just couldn't resist.


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I can’t remember which cow lead me to lurk specifically here, but I was introduced to the concept of a lolcow by encountering Lisa McBrearty/superlisamcb online somewhere writing frantic text walls about her imaginary friends and how they aren’t racist.
My second lolcow was Miranda Leek, author and pregnant roller coaster anthro pervert, who I believe had a thread here at some point:


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I heard about Kiwi Farms through LadyAlt69/Manda-Tee93
I use to be friends with that lolcow, and she wouldn't shut up about how this site is "bullying" her or some shit. She made a big deal out of it so I decided to check it out for myself. Found a thread on her on here and decided to join in because it turns out that she's a pedo/child abuser.

And to this day she's still at it.


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Found KiwiFarms through Narcissa Wright, I used to be a fan of Cosmo and his streams before he sperged tf out and became a tranny.
I've been lurking on sites like KiwiFarms for about a year now but only just decided to make an account.


Null. I liked his streams, topic breakdowns were higher quality than PewDiePie. Discord almost ruined it. Use the site chats, instead. Nothing more depressing than not enjoying Null's torment anymore because of something, as gay, as hanging around people who unironically declare their groups as "discord gangs". Just let me chill here and enjoy Null's presence.