What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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I heard about Kiwi Farms long ago and initially had a hate boner towards it because i heard quote-on-quote “bad” shit about it.

Then i started lurking the SJW art thread and started to have likening towards it. So, i made a account to post something i found and here i am!

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I've known of the farms for a while, even visited a few times, but after running across Kevin "TransSalamander" Gibes on the twatter a few too many times, I fell down the rabbit hole. May god have mercy on my soul.

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Kero and the zoo crew. A friend linked it to me as a reminder of why furries need to be gassed.

I was so completely disgusted and repulsed by what I read in their thread that I started lurking in the hopes of seeing real justice happen. It didn't, but I did finally make an account so I could lol about a couple other cows I found on here while idly browsing.


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Amberlynn. Reddit banned her sub and I wanted more.

Now I'm addicted to the coronavirus thread which is a fulltime job to keep up with. Not complaining, it gives me something to do.

I like it here and that's concerning.


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DarkSydePhil. I started watching SoK Let's Endures, that led me to drgn, I wondered what all the "gout" jokes were about, and a quick google search brought me here.

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I discovered this place while looking for info on EvaXephon/YandereDev, but Kero's Zoo crew and Chris Whiteman where the ones that made me stay around.
I've lurked for awhile but it was the something awful thread that finally got me to post on the farms. Specifically the troon who was finding firearms in waterways and refurbishing them for gangbangers to bash the fash.
AmberLynn, ShannyforChrist, Amy Ramadan, Dasha and Mina - been watching YouTube summaries for forever, finally made my way to the farms.

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I think it was Cosmo from discovering him on SamAndTolki and either getting linked here or to MATI on YouTube.

I fucking love this place