What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

Spamy the Bot

Notorious Moon
I would say DSP, following Metokur's stuff and the ocassional YouTuber popping up in Internet famous.
Every other lolcow community went to shit or was co-opted by trannies.

I have multiple cows in my radar, so it's hard for me to pick one.
Nothing is sacred it seems.

Baguette Child

so tender and mild
I'd like to think, deep in the shit stained depths of what I call a heart, that I have always been here in spirit.

I registered an account to vent frustration over the zoosadist crap though. Fuck the legal system that has allowed most of those actual monsters to face zero consequences.

Trigger Me Timbers

Reformed Kekistani
I think cosmo is what pushed me into making an account. This was during the time when it looked like he was legit gonna 41% (this was when I was green and wasn’t black pilled on how almost every single Lolcow suicide baits like it’s a national sport).

I have known about Chris Chan since blue spike but only through 4chan and the cwcwiki. I think I got linked to the farms once or twice when I was trying to find out more about post trans Chris.

I stumbled across Cosmo now “Narcissa” on the samandtolki sub reddit and through there I got linked to the Farms. I lurked for a while but I was excited that people here could talk about how weird and not normal this whole autistic trans trend is.

I also heard Null on the DickShow, I loved his responses to legal threats and how much he cares about keeping the servers fast.(Not sure if I was already a member when I first heard null however)

I love it here and sad that this is literally a double life for me. I never talk about the Farms in public and if by chance they come up in conversation I pretend like I never heard of it.


Eighteen Inches
True & Honest Fan
Chris did since I found about the cwcki forums after checking the cwcki for a while.


Not a reptile or a mammal
Chris of course. I'm actually a bit surprised that so many people were brought here by other cows. I figured that it would be overwhelmingly due to Chris.