What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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Lucas Werner. Originally, I knew of him through the Starbucks situation but I just kept tugging away at the rabbit hole until it brought me here. Unfortunately, this was around the time that Vordrak managed to get Josh to shut down the Farms for a little while in 2017 so I was just reading the thread via Wayback Machine. When the Farms went back up, I signed up for an account and I've been stuck here ever since.,

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Ages before actually making an account I lurked on a few lolcow threads quite a bit when I was bored. I don't remember exactly how I found KF, but probably after searching something about CWC.


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i dont remember whi-
nvm it was probably onision that brought me to the general culture, but I lurk ambers threads mostly on the farms

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Straysheep actually brought me to the farms. I followed her on tumblr before I knew she had a thread and when she mentioned having one in a post she made I was intrigued.

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I'm pretty sure I first came here while learning about CWC, but stayed for the Onision thread, then I discovered our Hambeast.


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I've been lurking as a guest for a while because of several lolcows like Amber, Chantal and Charlie Gold. Then recently decided "eh fuck it..."


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Used to lurk and read the Phil subforum when it was still up, then discovered the Rat Kings and branched out from there.


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A triple threat. Yaniv, McKinnon and Hayden. Kept hearing about KF on other forums where the 3 of them were discussed, but was a bit afraid to look as I thought it would be like 4chan.

Finally gave in to curiosity and realised that actually it wasn't that bad, and there are a LOT of really weird people out there. Now follow several more cows after learning about them on here, although I tend to only post on those 3 and Dr Harrop (who for some unfathomable reason has been merged with Hayden and hidden away down here now).


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Found KF during GDQ when Protomagicalgirl did something. Registered much later.

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The shitshow that was Terryberry piqued my interest in this site, although like many I originally came here to research CWC after going down that rabbit hole