What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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ForeverKailyn/ Kailyn Wilcher.

I forget how it came up, but I saw the Peeplr Beepin video, and wondered what was going on with her.
I assumed she was a slow woman who was just playing with makeup online, but I Googled her, and five years later, here I am.

Give me all the dumb ratings, but I'm gobsmacked by all of the weirdos doing weird things online.
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Lil Yahtzee

Eden/Zach. I personally knew a few people in his circle because at one point I was (and believe me I am thoroughly ashamed of it) a furry. I knew this forum was dedicated to the worst of the worst and the grossest of the grossest but after peeping so much of the stuff said about him and speaking with former friends and exes of his, I began to really get a kick out of seeing how far he would fall. It was just genuinely interesting to me that someone would have a literal fetish for having their life ruined.


Whenever Metokur released the first Jonathan Ross video of that saga, back in 2017 or so. Or sometime around then, he was referencing the farms a lot for his videos at that point.

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I was on a few older lolcow boards before coming here, though I ultimately dipped my toes in here due to people like CWC, ADF, and Terry A. Davis (RIP). Finally made an account last winter to follow the Star Wars thread when @Null made the off-topic threads members-only.


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Chris brought me here not to long ago. He's someone I've known about for a pretty long time but only recently I really got into lolcows. But Tommy is what kept me here. Made this account not long ago cause ive been lurking for a couple months and wanted to get into it.
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I lurked here to see the Chris chan extortion stuff.
Stayed here because of the "Danny Phantom" Shooter thread.
finally made an account knowing my friends think talking about Chris is secondhand bullying.

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I just came because my best friend showed me the site....and then I dove head first into the Onision thread lmao


Definitely Chris. I initially joined the Farms because several of the higher-ranked people of the Cwcki hung out there. I figured it be an easy way to quickly get a response from them that way and get up to date scoops.


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Child abusing bat shit crazy bitch Susan Schofield. Was so incensed by her I went to Dr Phil's show to watch that cow moo in person.

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CWC. I believe I had found a link through the CWCki to here during the Jessica Quinn drama.
I now stay for CWC, Yaniv, Beauty Parlor, and Lou in Animal Control.


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DeadwingDork cursed me to the zoosadist rabbit hole,and now i'm stuck here.

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I have to return some videotapes.
Marissa Davis / Rabbiedee after being around her circle in 2013. Todokaras as well.


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I knew CWC from ED and was only barely aware of this place but i only started lurking a few years ago after i found the thread about Lindsay Ellis