What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


I had visited this site once before years and years ago all the way back because of an artist I really like being exposed as a pedophile and zoophile all in one day on Tumblr. I believe it was a team of two people behind a comic called "Floraverse" and I remember I was super into the comic they had made and was recommending it to all my friends in Highschool. I had come here to read all of the evidence of their misdeeds being posted online, and it was my first time ever being on Kiwifarms.

I came back out of morbid curiosity, and now I find myself reading about crazy people on the internet that I have had the luck of never running into online. And I don't mean that I've never spoken to these people 'cause I haven't, it's more like I haven't even seen most of these people's content before. I think the one that really scarred me was that dude who was in love with a 5-year-old dead Palestinian girl. And Lily Peet because everyone talks about her all the time.

Kiwifarms has me paranoid about what I don't know about some people, that now I'm searching the names of some of my favorite creators hoping nothing pops up aside from the usual mention of their name in a passing manner.

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Lurked on the Onision thread back in September when the grooming shit really blew up. Kept seeing the Farms brought up as a main source of info in other places on the 'net. Got bored just lurking the Onion thread and started lurking in Deathfats. The Sammie Bushart thread is what made me sign up and took my post virginity.

The rest is history.


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First CWC, then Murrlogic, now YandereDev. It’s much easier to read about the history of these people here rather than hear youtubers repeat the same fucking facts over and over again.

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Had never heard of the farms until I googled Alex Mauer a few years back, after they went on a mad DMCA-spree.

This place was a bit of a culture shock but I liked the way things were fact-checked so came back to look up Chris King. Stuck around for cows like Basic Becky Gerber.

Didn't make an account until General was talked about being hidden from Guests. I rarely post so use burner emails which has led me to go through more than one account but I'm not particularly attached to my internet stickers so it's all good.

Sometimes I want to figure out just *how* people become such fuck ups, but sometimes that's impossible and figure that it's better to just sit back and enjoy the show.

Nowadays I'm a daily visitor popcorning over various threads whilst being eternally grateful that, however hard I've fucked up, I'm not a Bex Gerber or Lou Gags...


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Don't remember exactly, think I found this through the CWCki. John Bulla was the first cow I actually finished reading a thread about, though. (sexually)


I've browsed on this website before I had an account. The lolcow that really brought me to the farms was John Kricfalusi.

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Slight powerlevel but he somehow found my blank FurAffinity account and followed it. I went to his profile and there were a ton of Journal posts on his profile with autistic word salad and terrible grammar. I noticed all of his posts had a ton of comments, so I looked at them too. One of the comments had a link to his KF thread, and I've been lurking actively since then, and later I made this account.