What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

Coral Apples

Kawaii Bear Extraordinaire
Chris, 100%. I was aware of some of the other cows as well, like Kailyn, ADL and the like, mostly from ED. Then found the CWCki through ED, browsed till I had no more new content, made my way to the forums and been here since just before the change to Kiwi Farms.

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Red Mask

War is Intellect
I’ve known about Kiwi Farms for years because of Chris Chan, but pretty much ignored it, tbh. Then Omegon’s vid about Amberlynn Reid happened and that led to ALR herself and then the reaction channels. Shaquanna Jefferson and other haydurs talked about Kiwi quite a bit and here I am.


Supra Mayro
I knew about Chris-chan for years prior but I think I was reading something in the snowflake thread on lolcow.farm and ended up here for further reading, but it's been so long I can't remember which particular cows caught my attention. I think Amanda Baggs and Ashley Isaacs were two of them.