What lolcow brought you to the farms? -

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I arrived circa 2014, can't remember exactly how but it was probably around the incel puahate Marjan thing that was along gamergate one of the most discussed themes. Before the whole Trump administration derangement and slavement shitshow for sure.

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Someone posting links in /R9K I think. I thi k it was Jonathan Yaniv connected. I browsed possibly for longer than I've had an account. No oldfag, definite newfag.


i saw a youtube recommendation for the mundanematt episode of the killstream. where i became re-acquainted with metokur and became a fan of the killstream. ralph had null on as a guest a few times, which introduced me to kiwifarms. before then, i had come across the name kiwifarms in search results, but i always thought it was a thread archiver for 4chan like veekyforums. then ralph went to knoxville for warski's fight, it was comfy, it was hilarious, he took photos with fans, i came on here and saw the gunt and was thoroughly disgusted.

so here i remain, like the japanese officer who was stranded in the Philippines after his homeland was bombed and the war ended 30 years prior
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Was watching a YouTube video that mentioned Wendell Charles Nesmith and I decided to Google that for more in-depth information. Since then I've been drawn into various threads discussing other personalities with rabbit holes so deep it takes days to truly go through them one at a time.

One hell of a ride that I see no way of getting out of, and that I have no intention to.

Not to mention the historical details of previously well documented individuals on YouTube, like CWC, but with even more information.

Johan Schmidt

Moviebob. I've moved on to other cows like Greer, Fallow, etc. But Bob will always hold a special place in my heart for being just the worst; like the absolute fucking worst.

I love nothing more than sitting down after a day at the lab, brewing cuppa, getting some hobknob biscuits and laughing at moviebob.


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Oh Jesus. All the basic introductory lolcows. In no particular order: Brianna ‘He-a-man-a’ Wu; Bob ‘The Gobbler’ Chipman; Zoe ‘Trash-bin Quim’ Quinn; and Andrew ‘Someone please love me, the loneliness has progressed to physical pain’ Dobson.
CWC I actually always felt sorry for, don’t know why.
EDIT: A special shout out to my boy Ryulong on RationalWiki. Shine on you crazy diamond.
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