What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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Was on /k/ and heard about KF discussion of Karl Kasarda in the Guntuber thread, came over here for more consistent discussion because jannies keep nuking Youtube drama threads there now.

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"Roaming the ice fields of Antarctica"
Saw it buried in the search results a few times between shitty hitpieces clogging all the search engines when Looking up DSP again for the first time in years.


Lurked from around early 2018* in the Amberlynn threads, the Chantal thread, and various other girly cow threads.
*I think it was around then, it was around the time I first found Chantal, incidentally the time period my user image thingy is from. When she was walking round a hot yoga room under the instruction of a personal trainer at a gym. One of my favourite Chantal moments ever.

Also enjoyed the Internet Bloodsports threads from a position of lurkdom, especially around the time of the infamous Andy & Ethan IRL Miami trip.

Probably would have lurked forever more if it wasn’t for having to sign up to be a member to view Only Fans’ content, and when my absolute favourite cow Chantal started her OF there at the start of 2021, I finally became a member.

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I discovered this site because of the assorted sources on Chris on various websites. I first found out about Chris through Encyclopedia Dramatica, and I found out about Encyclopedia through "the YouTube Civil War" involving Peppermintpatti and Wattage.


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I've been lurking here for a long time but I've been active on LC for years because of Usagi Kou/Lori Lewd. Finally had to sign up here so I could put my winner stamp on some of these fine literary works.


I found the extremely illuminating and dilligent thread on ContraPoints. Couldn't imagine a single internet personality having that much dirty laundry. Mostly registered to know which page was left unread.


the one the only AmberLynn Reid. Now she’s fading away and it makes me a little sad 😢 I now stay for the community


thas mental illness luv xx
I started lurking in Beauty Parlour (Amberlynn/Chantal), and hung around there for quite a while. It wasn’t until I started watching Null’s streams that I branched out to other cows/forums like Ethan Ralph, the Tranch, Tranny Sideshows, and so on. What a ride it’s been!


I remember first looking here at the Kphoria page (that sick fuck infected me as a kid, ugh), but I actually joined when I was reading a /toy/ /biog/ thread and the topic of Joseph Breit Vineyard came up.