What lolcow brought you to the farms? -


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Discovered through the AnimatedJames thread which i read almost 2 years ago now, what sucks is that i used to think the guy was so cool, but I find out he is a fart-obsessed paedophile, I had faith in you James, you let me down.


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I think I saw kiwifarms mentioned maliciously on reddit back when I still used reddit for my schadenfreude addiction. Hated reddit, never knew there was an alternative until reddit told me so. Now I have a whole treasure trove of schaudenfreude. Thanks reddit!


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Susan fucking Schofield a good few years ago.
Imagine my surprise when I found out this was generally a website for laughing at people.
Signed up so I could continue laughing at Lori Lewd and Anisa Jhomas depressing e-thottery.

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Not sure it was anyone strictly, although I probably got it right earlier in the thread. I think someone was talking about one of alt right grifters, or some other fraud, on /r9k maybe, and sounded informed, referenced the Farms, so I looked, I think.


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Was aware of it for a while but EvaXephon/Alex Mahan is what really got me interested in making an account


heard about it for a long time thru Mad at the Internet, Deadwing Dork, other people on youtube mentioning it as a source of information

interested Amberlynn Reid, Chantal, other fatties 🥴


I’d just watched some crappy, yet entertainingly crappy, show called RWBY, & stumbled upon one of the most obnoxious groups of fans I’ve ever seen. A bunch of these obnoxious fans were going on & on about two dudes whose nudes got leaked,
Ryan Haywood & Adam Kovic.

Had no clue about either of them.
Came across a link to Kiwi Farms via Twitter, for the info on those leaks.

Those two took such awful pics & videos of themselves, & the story kept getting worse, in part by each guys actions after the initial leaks. I found myself coming to KF every day, even if just for a few minutes.

Then I began to look around the site, classically lurked for several weeks, & joined up fairly quick after.

I stayed for the chat about troons, various media, & the ability to speak freely. The obnoxious stuff here is much less than the virtue signaling obnoxious stuff on other sites.

I respect truthful things, & this site is really a great thing.