What makes you angry?

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Apr 16, 2013
People in general. Having to listen to their asinine opinions on shit that no one cares about. In an ideal world people would only speak when there was necessity to do so- words aren't something to just toss about like confetti.

Lol autism
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Jan 30, 2015
My faggot mom when she unplugs my internet cable at 7pm every night. I hope someone cuts that bitches break cables lol. Luckily my neighbor doesn't secure their wifi CHECKM ATE BITCH!!!


Jan 25, 2016
People who shit on America/western culture-Europe but mostly America. and then have the gall to go on a tourist vacation to Europe only to bitch about how racist the continent is, you can't forget those folks...

I just feel it's often done by edgelords trying so hard to be hip and "controversial" or the typical lefts who are all "brown cultures > white supremacy" and they just don't realize that even if the USA has problems, it's much better than most of the world (no mass rape refugees, no wars, no extreme shit-hole third world poverty).

Like, you just send these anti-American kids to Africa/Venezuela/the Middle East and let's see them then spouting anti-American bullshit.

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I don't necessarily get angry, I just get annoyed and hung up on things. Some examples include:
  • Tumblrtards.
  • Annoyed at myself when I feel like I don't know enough information to discuss a topic.
  • Catering to transtrenders.
  • People ass kissing well known attention whores (when they conveniently become trans.)
  • Ass kissing in general.
  • When I feel like I'm the only person who can see the wrong in something when everyone else just shrugs and excepts bullshit fed to them.
  • Being wrong. (I want to make sure I don't lie to people or spread misinformation.)
  • Idiots.
  • Feminazis and neckbeards who haven't interacted with the opposite sex since high school and all of their prejudices and hatred of the opposite sex are based on assumptions they made or movie stereotypes. Most girls on tumblr or guys on /r9k/ view life through the lens of an 80's teen drama.
  • When people don't listen to other points of view and flat out ignore the other party.
  • Using autism or [insert mental defect] here as a shield when being an asswipe.
  • And people trying to run away after they insult you, like actions don't have consequences. Some people feel like they can be a complete bastard to you but when you return the favor they go into full tantrum mode.


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Feb 6, 2013
People who walk far too slow and take up the entire lane in the grocery or the sidewalk. At times I'm not sure what makes me angrier: the fact that they physically put foot traffic at a crawl, or their sheer lack of self-awareness.

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Jun 13, 2016
- People who spit in the street.
- Cultural Relativism.
- "Unexpected item in bagging area."
- iPhone fanboys. Do I look like I want an overpriced hipster toy with sub-par screen resolution and deliberately crippled functionality? And that's too small to see anything on anyhow?
- Lutfur Rahman. Look him up. I used to live in the London Borough he was mayor of.
- Political infographics shitting up my Facebook page, mainly because they're usually poorly sourced and oversimplify everything to make it meme-friendly.


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Jun 20, 2016
Orwell's cultural impact being an almost childishly simple, or incorrect, reading of 1984 mostly by people he would personally have disliked.

ikr, he was a full on socialist who supported Anarcho-Syndicalism in Spain and now he's just remembered for criticizing the Soviet Union.


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Jun 20, 2016
-People who think it's fine to fuck with weaker people just because they can (ranging from some drunk wife beater to corporate supporters of the TPP (doesn't include shit done on this forum, no one physically harms anyone here)
-People who think holding left wing views automatically means SJW
-People who think Karl Marx wanted to collectivize your household items, even though private property refers strictly to land used for production and commerce. He even had a separate term for your say Iphone or TV, Personal Property.
-Bill O'Reily's smug lying face
-Resident Evil 6
-Onision (I know that makes me sound like a A log, but fuck that guy)
-Playing as the Chinese in Europa Universalis 3
-SJWs who identify with Marxist thought

and many more, cause I'm a miserable person