What makes you immediately disregard someone? - A certain accent? A physical trait?

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Jun 28, 2021
-Overweight, meaning I never want to hear any talk of discipline or morality, since they can't even manage their body.
-Eastern European accents, with it getting worse the more I can imagine someone having no forehead and a unibrow. usually prompts an "alright Igor."
-Poorly groomed or bad facial hair, don't need inputs from a nigga with a faux-man-chu.
--Subcategory: Men who buy anything along the lines of "manly kits". Beard oil, straight razors, you're not a barber from the 20s.

-Intentional disuse of a mask in a store, you are acting like a faggot plague rat. Leave the elderly alone.
-Punisher decals, any version of comic book soy. Punisher is most common though.
-Political stickers/flags on car,
-People who think they can do art for a living.
-People who smoke a lot of weed.
-People who think ricers are cool (this is a cope, Subarus are for dykes and Asian sons of doctors)
-Grind faggots. If I make what you do in half the time and you're bragging to me about working 16 hours a day and not sleeping more than 4, you are a hack retard with poor time management/efficiency problems.
-Anyone who says "doggo" or "pupper" at this point is a suspected pedophile.

New batch:
-You're a cyclist. Your toy belongs on bicycle paths and driveways, not on the road with actual vehicles. Bike lanes are a waste of tax payer money.
-Engage in hypotheticals, meaning you have no ability to think in the abstract and are a low IQ autist.
-People who have phobias of:
--Dogs, man's best friend.
--Needles past the age of 8.
-Unkempt women
-Bald women

I'll think of more and steal whatever else looks good.
• Anyone who lists 90% of that shit

• People who aren't conservative

• "Conservatives" who cuck to liberal culture (pronouns in their bio, pro-BLM, etc)

• Faggots

That's about it.


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Jun 27, 2021
~ Gays who make it their entire personality, i.e “I’m gay and proud!!”, or anything along those lines labeled clothing, gays who can’t go 2 seconds without making it about their sexuality, gays who have to constantly make something about the fact they’re gay.
Basically all gays via this spectrum.
~ Overly fat people, like the plain “why tf are you allowed to be that fat, shouldn’t they euthanize you?” Fat people who take up two chairs, or just reek of fat people smells.
~ Basically refer to 1st point, but for Politics instead.
~ Any sort of transsexual at all, unless given a reason to believe they’re different, they’re trouble just in nature of their “identity.”
~ Neckbeards, they usually stink.
~ White people who whatever that word is with acting guilty as fuck, and crying about how as a white person they’re shit bc of historic actions a century or more about. Idk what the term is for it, virtue signaling maybe?
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Mar 20, 2021
Anyone who tries to tell me about how hard it was for them to build their gaming PC. It's not hard, you can actually do it in an afternoon. You've just never accomplished anything significant.

Also, people who try to add me to discord after meeting them. Maybe I just can't take friendly gestures well, but I think it's pretty autistic to talk about video games in public. Let me get a few beers in them I listen to you talk about how awesome the "meet n fuck" trilogy is and how the third game was a return to form for the genre, or whatever people like to play now


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Oct 2, 2020
Libertarian tendencies.
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Apr 15, 2021
Pushovers, people pleasers, moral preachers and just people who try too hard to be “nice” in general.


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Jan 4, 2020
People who go into conversations with a list of demands, whether that's pronouns or whatever special consideration.
This is the biggest for me. Why must I talk to someone extra specially? I give basic respect to everyone - but why must I give you extra without earning it? It usually means holding the conversation hostage and being in power for the person demanding it, meaning I ain't getting the same respect they are from me. Fuck you.

Most things are actions rather than "this person is different than me". Race, sex, secuality, etc don't matter. Life style choices are not what I care for. I'll take a crackhead's advice on what dealers to hit up but not on much else. I'd take a polyamorus person's advice on relationships with the same grain of salt as I would a middle schooler. Almost all communist I just disregard on principle but that's from hatred of them due to antifa and shitting up my hobbies. If they had a degree in horticulture I'd probably take their advice on gardening.


Jul 2, 2021
People who...

Are stereotypes...

who regurgitate all the dumbshit they hear and lack any opinion of their own

are actually retarded...like if you babble about having some mental condition...just fuck whatever you have to say.

Are faggots, incels, trannies or other evolutionary dead ends.

Can't do basic highschool math...fuck off, you're no better than animals if you can't handle scale, algebra and basic arithmetic. Your opinion means nothing.

Can't look after themselves, if you have to make an excuse as to why your life is shit and you're useless...it's your fault.


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Jul 19, 2019
If someone comes swinging in to defend something a group would obviously be uncomfortable with (for instance, childhood sexual assault survivors being uncomfortable with Cuties), I'm just gonna assume they're a jackass and therefore ignore any further takes they have. Also, intentionally hanging around with minors online despite claiming to hate minors.

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May 17, 2021
-People who look like and have the accent from those nigger countries around mine
-Women with bob cuts and very short bangs. They're usually feminists and sluts
-Women who don't wear a bra in public. They're just attention whores... except for old, poor or mentally ill women.
-Parents with more than three children. 3 kids is kind of okay, but if you have more then you're a nigger.
-Niggers (lol)
-Men with extremely loud motorcycles. They should all be burned alive and die... in minecraft

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Aug 3, 2021
  • Any 20-something white girl who gets a neon-colored wheelchair and covers it in stupid shit, like ribbons, bows, or glittery streamers. Old ladies who decorate their chairs? That's pretty cute, especially holiday-themed decorations. But if you have a chair from Ki Mobility, a “get shit done” wheelchair, but it still has the anti-tippers on, and you cover it in shit that's going to get caught on doorknobs and chair arms? Get that performative shit away from me.
  • People who don't realize how good they have it. And, if you explain why they have it so good, they refuse to accept it. “We live in a culture of systemic rape and oppression!” You're not one of the WWII era Comfort Women living under the Japanese Empire. Cut the drama. “We live in a fatphobic society! You have thin privilege!” And you have the privilege to live in a country where food is so plentiful, so cheap, so easily accessible, and comes in such a wide variety that you can literally eat yourself to death.
  • Any parent who weaponizes their child(ren) against the other parent, especially during nasty divorces. Additionally, mothers who use the threat of divorce and taking the kids to control their husband.
  • People who constantly bitch about the state of their life, but absolutely refuse to take any steps to change it. Overweight? Unless you have a physical disability or are going through a legitimately tough time, put down the fork, get off your ass, and do something about it. ADHD, depression, or anxiety? Delete your social media, delete the mindless games off your phone, get off your computer, and go outside. No one is going to fix your life for you. You don't have to turn your life around overnight, but for fuck's sake, at least try.
  • Related to the above point, people who use their mental health as an excuse for everything, like why they have awful hygiene. If your husband or wife just died, then yeah, I can understand you not caring how greasy your hair is. I'll even admit that temporarily shirking your responsibilities due to mental illness can be an acceptable excuse sometimes. But it's every damn day with some of these people, and they'll post on Reddit looking for asspats, because they managed to brush their teeth that morning.
  • Troons, unless they prove themselves to be semi-reasonable trannies, like Rose of Dawn, Iron Liz, or Sophia Narwitz. A few aren't completely irredeemable. Just take a look at @CammieDoxGirl's thread. I've never personally witnessed a cow do a 180 like that, and she's shown herself to be pretty cool. At the very least, she's been really polite. But she's a huge exception, and my automatic reaction is still to stay away from the rest.
  • Anyone who says shit like, “Lazy is a word used to shame us into capitalist productivity!” Yes, NEETs who leech off hardworking individuals should be shamed. I know people who have destroyed their bodies through decades of hard, manual labor in order to provide for their families. Why should their tax dollars go to some lazy NEET whose only real disability is laziness? The hard workers are the ones who deserve to have their surgeries funded, unlike people who demand SRS on someone else's dime. No, SRS is not a necessary surgery, and you'll never convince me otherwise. But having a knee or hip replacement is an essential surgery, if you want to retain the ability to walk.
  • Social media "influencers"
  • Anyone that abuses those who work in the service industry, or anyone who looks down on minimum wage workers.
  • Anyone who put their entire life on social media. (Bonus points if they get doxed because of it.)
  • People who post constant “inspiration porn.”
  • Male feminists
  • Self-proclaimed empaths
  • People who spend money on dumb shit, then beg for donations online to pay for necessities
  • Anyone who calls themselves shit like a "bi lesbian"
  • Munchies


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Feb 4, 2018
I don't know how to describe it but...

"Californianisms" is the best way to describe it. You can be a far-right, far-left, or centrist nutjob, but if you display those charactaristics I just think you're a dishonest elitist.


Jul 2, 2021
Every other word they use is "Like"


Any use of the retarded phrase "Personal Truth" or any variation that rejects that inviolable absolutes are possible.

Black/White dichotomous speech unless the actual subject being discussed is truly binary in nature.

"I did my research" if they don't have a a Master's of PhD in the subject they are discussing. No, you didn't research jack shit. you looked shit up. I know "I looked shit up" doesn't sound as good as "I did my research" but actual research, a meta-analysis, or literature review are nothing like what you believe they are.