What makes you immediately disregard someone? - A certain accent? A physical trait?

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Apr 28, 2021
I don't know how to describe it but...

"Californianisms" is the best way to describe it. You can be a far-right, far-left, or centrist nutjob, but if you display those charactaristics I just think you're a dishonest elitist.
Can you describe what a "Californiansim" actually is? I think I know what you are talking about but I want to hear from your own words.

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Mar 17, 2019
Anyone who claims to be nonbinary or outside of the gender binary or some kind of genderspecial. I am not going to take you seriously at all.

Any woman who claims to be bisexual. 99% of the time, it's straight women who may have looked at a picture of a girl and thought "wow she is good looking" and they suddenly decide they are bisexual and have to remind everyone constantly. Also, if you are in a monogamous marriage with a man, I do not want to hear about your bisexuality at all. It should not matter. Period. Theoretically, you marry someone wanting to spend the rest of your life with them, so the fact that you might be attracted to women should not matter at all. And yet they still have to remind you constantly.

Any men with thick Indian accents. I work in the tech industry and I am so tired of recruitment calls from them. I cannot understand them over the phone.


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Sep 26, 2019
Lol, I do that.
speeding ahead and tripping over yourself, especially with "um," "like," "y'know," mutilating the basics of subject-verb agreement, noun-adjective agreement, and the syntax needed to get your point across
Lol, I do that.
Men who cannot dress to save their lives (at all) try to break fashion norms
Lol, I do that.
Anyone who yells “whoooo” at live events.
Lol, I do that.
People who loudly sing along at music performances.
Lol, I do that.
— People who listen to pod casts, they’re all shit. Annoying white dweebs talking over each other for AN HOUR, no thanks
Lol, I do that.
— Anyone who leaves voicemails, it’s not the fucking 90s
Lol, I do that.
— People who use mayonnaise in their food
Lol, I do that.
— People who don’t ever drink alcohol
Lol, alcohol is for faggots. Smoke weed instead.
Staring at their smartphone any time they have a minute of free time.
Lol, I do that.
People who claim to be 'fierce' and the 'i say it your face' crowd
Lol, I do that.
Lol, I do that.
- Play too many video games (will probably still be your friend, but won’t take your advice seriously)
Lol, I do that.
Anyone wearing videogame shirts
Lol, I do that.
Any time soneone makes up a stupid nickname for someone they don't like.
Lol, I do that.
Libertarian tendencies.
Lol, I do that.
Men who talk loud in public.
Lol, I do that.

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Jul 31, 2021
- Pronouns, I don't know why are you getting uncomfortable over someone just not calling you the right thing on the internet
- Some stupid ass gender like demigirl n shit, wasn't like 7 sexualities enough?
- Obsessed with astrology or crystal healing, or just these mystical stupid stuff. Like hell they gonna murder some guy because he was an aquarius
- People who aren't willing to change their mind, they just get endless support and blindly protected by their lovely-dovely nerd community
- Stans, bunch of kids probably got obsessed over some extreme alt devotees of a fictional/real character. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with them?
- Furries, none of them is normal anyways
- People who say "Howdy", can't trust them
- "Weebs" get some professional help and please dont wear an ahegao face hoodie in public
- Censor stupid words and explain why it should be censored for their own sake because they're so weak to the point they couldn't fucking read the word, boo hoo.


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Aug 4, 2018
Women who expect you to listen to everything they say while clearly showing that they don't care about what you have to say.


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Aug 1, 2021
-indian accents make me wanna blow my brains out
-anyone with a heavily modified 2015-or-newer car, leave it to the japanese shitboxes
-anyone unironically into cape shit or fast and furious
-"pansexual" "demi-gender" "demi-sexual"
-anyone who needs content warnings or trigger warnings for something other than rape or extreme NSFL gore

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Dec 26, 2019
They have a Gfuel sponsorship. All that lead and mildly radioactive trace element ingestion makes you retarded. Also if they shill some mobile game like Raid Shadow legends.


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Jan 27, 2014
By "disregard", I'm going to translate that as "red flag". Anyone with the features below is not an inherently bad person but it sure does start out on the wrong foot.

This also applies exclusively to IRL people, not the Internet.

- Visible tattoos of any type
--Exceptions apply, like Marine tattoos
- Any sorts of visible piercing beyond the ears
- Homeless people who approach me. If you're just chilling on a bench and not panhandling, I'm actually more likely to give you one of the snacks I keep in my car.
- Pronouns in a bio or as an email footer.
- Pitbull apologists.
- Vegans.
- Tesla owners. At the very least, you're wealthy and think you're too good for gas stations like the commoners.
- Complaining how bad social media is but too cucked/addicted to quit it
- People who don't tip in pizza delivery, or ask for change back at the door
- Cyclists.
--Not all of them but a high percentage of them. You know the type, thinks they're above the law, rides in the wrong side of road, rides in packs, rides in the middle of the road and refuses to let others pass, kamikazes through stoplights.
- More than 3 kids (twins/triplets not included) and not part of some sort of religious culture (Amish, Mormons, etc.)
- Vaccine pride. I got the COVID vaccine and this year's flu shot, I'm not morally superior or show off that needles went into my arm.
- People who claim to be Christian but will simp for/cuck for/follow whatever liberal causes is popular at the time. This includes using the language "they" want to you to use.
- People who hate "COVID" but are too dumb/cucked to admit that it's the government's fault for shutting everything down and making life miserable
- "We live in the best of times" apologists

- Vocal fry
- Any sort of "SJW" haircut or hair style, including the half-shaved look, purple or cyan in any capacity, the mold-colored highlights
- Excessive makeup that looks and feels like a powdered donut
- Fat women. There's always, always a problem, either they're massive sluts, raging SJWs/feminists, or into really weird shit. There isn't a "fun/funny fat guy" equivalent for women.
- Being offended on behalf of another group (this is almost exclusively women).

- Painted-on eyebrows
--In general, just shaved eyebrows of any type
- Wearing showercaps (or showercap-style hats) in public, only ghetto-tier black women do this, any black woman who has an ounce of self-respect doesn't wear one
- Mixed-race couples

Vernacular-related (non-ironic)
- Anyone who unironically refers to the events of January 6, 2021 as an "insurrection"
- "Latinx"
- "Y'all" if you are not from the South (basically any state that was part of the CSA, Virginia excluded)
- A whole host of other words and talking points that I'm sure you've heard of already

- Anyone who claims to be non-binary
- Anyone who is out and proud to be transgender, especially if they don't look the part.

- Wearing any sort of clothing that denotes loyalty to a particular candidate. This isn't a political rally, fuck off.
- For women--wearing leggings/yoga pants if you are too fat to do so. The terms "sausage casing" shouldn't come to mind and don't show your entire ass either. (Even if it looks good, probably a thot).

This is about it for now, may add to it later

I automatically hate and disregard anyone who acts smug, supports dumb shit like BLM/Antifa, has loud obnoxious hair/clothing, says shit like "microaggression" or "microbrewery", hates white people for being white...

Microbreweries are a real thing though, it's a small-scale facility with a few tanks rather than big industrial facilities. Microbrewery snobbery is real though.


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Dec 23, 2020
vocal fry
Br*tish "twee" crap
gay men using the Real Housewives tone