What makes you immediately disregard someone? - A certain accent? A physical trait?

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friendly neighborhood catty bitch
Apr 25, 2020
-Chewing with your mouth open.
-Overly (loudly) conversational with strangers. I don't need to know the life story of someone I'm standing in line with at the grocery store.
-Wearing MCU apparel.
-Pronouns in bio.
-Soccer fan.
-Saying "y'all" if you're not Southern. Also, white people who say shit like "black folks".
-Doctor Who fans.
-Being English.


Lost muh ‘nads in th’ Culture War
True & Honest Fan
Dec 4, 2018
Professionally, a dumbass email signature. If you’ve got some bullshit in four different fonts and eight different colors I’m making you wait at least a week for whatever you’re asking me. Fix your shit so it doesn’t look like a scene girl from 2008 made it.

Personally, trying too hard to get me to socialize or accept something nice you’re trying to do for me. Offering twice is fine (“are you sure you don’t want lunch?”). Beyond that and you’re either after something else other than my company (which is shit anyway and you should it want it) or you’re someone who thinks that all human beings are social animals and there couldn’t possibly be any who are more poorly wired than a Section 8 fuse panel.


I pulled off your wings..and I laughed
True & Honest Fan
Nov 15, 2014
Coomers - Not everything on earth has be talked about in a sexual manner. Seek help.
Third wave Feminism - I mean I dont need to explain that.
People who make everything political even when the subject matter has nothing to do with it.
Puns- it's such Reddit-tier shit.
Lesbians who act like they are in some exclusive club and get assmad when some says they are Bisexual but then try and preach acceptance.
Ugly fat dykes.
Social media in general.
People enamored with buying the latest iphones like the drone they are
People who actually get into console war arguments.
Did I say Dykes? Dykes.
Passive aggressive assholes should get the rope.
Anyone who acts and reinforces a stereotype.

Seventh Star

hungry burger fan
Nov 17, 2020
Obnoxious homos.
Intellectual dishonesty.
Liking Radiohead.
Not being able to tolerate edgy jokes.


Electric Boogaloo
May 31, 2019
People who knee-jerk support anything Progressive without considering whether or not it's actually good for society.
Anyone with bourgeoisie opinions (Aka: people who support black rioters without being willing to sacrifice their own house or business to the mob.)
Women who jeopardize their financial future for the sake of having a perfect "dream wedding."
Spendthrifts who judge others for being cautious with their money.
LGBT'ers or religious/political nuts who allow the thing they're obsessed with to erase their personality and distinctiveness.
Fat neckbeards who give themselves cringy nicknames like "The Chippa." Double points if they're trying to trade a perfectly good job for a career in "podcasting."
People who knee-jerk think that new things are automatically better than old things. Or that Progress can only increase as a function of time.
People who believe they're on "the Right Side of History". Double Points if they treat it like a religious standard despite not believing in a God.


Sacrificing children to the elder beings
Apr 17, 2018
It might be stupid but having an autism stare thousand year stare is one of them.


отвали пизда
Jul 24, 2021
People who ask questions that are easily searchable online.

I mean this as it pertains to online conversation, if I'm in an online chat or having a one on one conversation with you and you ask something like "what time is it in Dubai right now?" - you're literally making me go google it and do the work that you could easily do yourself for absolutely no fucking reason except to be a fucking idiot, and I immediately think less of you as a person because of it.