What makes you immediately disregard someone? - A certain accent? A physical trait?


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Feb 3, 2013
-Being a complete shithead. You can hold all the facts you got or what you assume are facts but being a jackass makes me disregard your claims. Don't care if one had an anime avatar or pronouns in bios but the way one acts is what makes me disregard their shit even if they had a lot of things to back their stance.

-Pop culture related spergings makes me disregard anyone tries to claim the love or hate of something is Left or Right wing related. IDGAF about rightoid speds hating on Cuties, that film fucked up its message by having little girls end up doing pedobait things even with the film saying "this is bad, look at the reactions of the audience" or how some transflag in the background of a game means its pozzed when it's all likely to just be some shit you won't notice because it's just background fluff.

I forgot male feminists. Yeah no shit we're all people and should be treated equally but dudes who call them selfs male feminists tend to be for the brownie points and the type to push sexual things you dont want. A real wolf in sheep's clothing if i ever saw one
That reminds me of some male feminist I managed to see sperg about tits from a comic book or a video game and how it could make women uncomfortable. Sure some might but then one can throw all that away the moment these sorts of guys end up trying to disregard women that don't agree with them or throw some bunk like how those women must be brainwashed or appealing to sexist men or some other crap.

Anyone who excuses unacceptable behavior with leftist rhetoric. Once when walking to our subway station after work me and a dangerhair colleague saw a Porsche with the words "wealthy = guilty" keyed on it. I said I found it scandalous, and she told me the culprit did it because he had no other choice and was simply a victim of systemic oppression.

I hope she gets all her shit stolen from her and I get to tell her that her robbers had no other choice as victims of systemic oppression.
Reminds me of tankies in a sense that someone leaving some communist country had to wealthy or wanted to own slaves. They can go on about with their rhetoric but all the rhetoric does (whether it's some left or right wing crap) is just becoming nothing more than excuses to be a shithead.


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Apr 11, 2019
Had a new employee say "oof" to me. We'll see how long we keep her around.
I’ve never understood this oof thing, what does it even mean? . . .


- Hating pets.

Nothing with not wanting a pet, but I don’t understand how somebody can just HATE something like a pet. Sure, people have bad experiences and what not, but as an adult you should just KNOW better as to not hate ALL pets because of a bad experience.

- Being TOO involved in ANYTHING.

Whether or not it’s religion, cartoons, movies, sports, etc, DON’T base your entire personality around it. I’m glad that something in life brings you joy but, you need to have a life outside of these things. I find it especially strange that as of these past few years, people have been using sexualities as a substitute for a personality. Why a sexuality of all things? Does anybody have an answer to this?

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Jul 25, 2020
-People who know what day a video game is going to come out

-Shitty tattoos. If someone is retarded enough to have tattoos I can still see if they wear a shirt and tie, they have nothing to say I'd ever need to know.

-Danger hair. My punk subculture is not your costume.

-Actual white supremacists/anti-semites who assume I'm hip

-Tesla owners. Teslas are gay and everyone knows this. To deny it is either nerd cope or ignorant aspiration. For the owners, it's as though Tesla ownership is co-morbid with being a special kind of prick or dork.


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Oct 21, 2018
-Tesla owners. Teslas are gay and everyone knows this. To deny it is either nerd cope or ignorant aspiration. For the owners, it's as though Tesla ownership is co-morbid with being a special kind of prick or dork.
the old roadster is pretty cool. only problem is that the elise is so much cooler and that for half the price.


Jul 10, 2020
Fatness doesn't necessarily, but if it's more than just a modest amount of "plumpness", and basically looks like they simply completely neglect or don't even care about their weight at all, then it does.

Kind of like a difference between having long hair or a beard because you actually style it that way, versus it just being that you're too lazy to shave or get a haircut to begin with.

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Apr 24, 2020
Literally anyone who stands on an escalator, especially a downward-moving escalator. I hate both fat people and thin, able-bodied people who do this: the former are just pathetic and lack self-control, and the latter are just plain lazy and have no excuse. Every time I'm forced to go to a store that only has escalators and no stairs, I'm seriously the only person who walks on them. EVERY fucking person stands, even if they're quick escalators that only go down like 10 feet or so.

The other day I was at a Target that was located inside a shopping center so it had 2 stories and had mandatory escalators to get to each level. On my descent downstairs, I was stuck behind some skinny 20-something basic white girl in yoga pants who stood in the middle and refused to budge. I tried stomping loudly to warn her I was walking and not stopping, so she started to move a few steps down real slowly...then came to a full stop and refused to move, and even stood there as her feet automatically touched the ground at the end. Then instead of proceeding to continue walking like a normal fucking person, she stood there at the bottom of the escalator and just stared at everything in the store like she was Dorothy arriving in Oz. Keep in mind I was still stuck behind her, and other people were going down the escalator too.

By the way, I deliberately brought up the girl's age/race/body size to make a point that she wasn't a fat Boomer in a scooter or some crackhead ghetto hoodrat: she was, quite possibly, the LAST type of person who should have stood on a downward-moving escalator. Being a fit, able-bodied young person dressed in athletic gear means you should be sprinting down that damn thing and rushing like the wind to your desired aisle to purchase kale or whatever the fuck fitness people eat...NOT fucking stagger and come full stop like you weigh 500 lbs. and had a lobotomy.

I'm seriously convinced the human race is getting progressively stupider. As I'm getting older, I'm noticing people of all ages/races just being plain slow and stupid at every possible turn. The escalator rant is just the tip of the iceberg: don't get me started on working out at a gym in the modern smartphone era -- it's seriously like a fucking zombie movie. Like, life to me feels like a glitchy video game and all of the people are NPC's with bad A.I.


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May 26, 2016
-If their only hobby is the media they consume. Be that comic books, videos games, tv series, etc. If you don't have any other hobbies besides that you're probably a boring and insufferable person to be around.

-People whose main social media is reddit. They're lower than facebook and twitter users because they're also usually better-than-you assholes or use reddit like it's their damn diary.

-All feminist media critics

-The majority of vegans

-Anime watchers who hate the majority of anime because it doesn't pander to them specifically.

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Oct 31, 2020
Nice people.
May seem counter-intuitive but I can't stand people who try to befriend people by being absolutely toothless. Politeness is one thing but eventually you need to have some sort of bite and when it comes to nice people it's usually something fucked up in a sexual way. They typically seem very nice on the surface. So supportive, so friendly, so inoffensive, and yet so off-putting. Then the mask slips and they're petty, manipulative, and far from the nice persona they like to use. We all know the classic nice guys and shit like furries you meet online that fit this category. I trust people who will gladly give you shit for fun, openly disagree with you, and have a slightly unfriendly quality about them that tells you that they don't need you.
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Jun 15, 2020
Bad body odour.
Anyone who yells “whoooo” at live events.
People who loudly sing along at music performances.
Men who refer to grown women as “girls”.
Parents who go on about their child being “gifted”.
Women wearing way too much makeup.

I’ve never understood this oof thing, what does it even mean? . . .

It’s probably older, but it is also the sound made when your avi dies in Roblox.


Jul 15, 2013
- Overuse of wokespeak and/or Reddit-tier psychology buzzwords. Now and then isn't too intolerable but when every other word out of your mouth is "toxic," "problematic," "gaslight" etc.
- Lily white girls from the suburbs trying to act "street." Quit saying shit like "periodt" or "keep my name out your mouth," Becky, it just makes you look like you're trying way too hard.
- Holding the opinion that others are bad people if they aren't in total agreement with you on every possible issue.
- When people center their entire personality around their identity labels. It's lovely that you're a trans dolphinkin, but who are you as a person?
- Perpetual victimhood/nothing is ever your fault.
- The zodiac/witch crap that's become so popular lately. It's one thing if you're reading the horoscope for fun or like to collect cool looking tarot decks or something like that, but the people who excuse all their shitty behavior with "lol typical Aries amirite" or think they're a witch because they have an ~altar~ with bottles of oregano.
- People who get way too into the Millennial vs Boomer thing and blame their own poor life choices on anyone older than 30.


Apr 12, 2019
I don’t know that there’s necessarily anything that would make me completely disregard a person. I personally try to be patient with people and do my best to give everyone a fair shake even in situations wherein the context of what they are wearing, how they are carrying themselves, as well as other visual and auditory factors, may lead me to believe poorly of them. That said I contrastly tend to be a more cynical type of person and am well aware that my insistence on being fair to these people is perhaps naive.

I say this to illustrate that I enjoy talking to people and learning about them. I’m a firm believer in the idea that any conversation can be useful in learning more about a person if you remain astute. Personally I tend towards people watching as a hobby and it has overall helped me learn so much about how people think and the small visual details of a person’s overall mannerisms and behaviors that can generally tell you who they are and how they’ll act before they’ve ever spoken.

If I had to absolutely pick a few traits which make me disgusted with a person I suppose the only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be people who believe absolutely in their own ideas to the point that they won’t even consider the notion that they could be wrong. I’d like to think I’m a patient person but that sort of behavior can boil my blood pretty quick. Especially when that arrogance is unwarranted. Confidence is fine and helpful but self doubt can also be a fantastic grounding mechanism that keeps you sane and healthy. It’s a balance of these two that we want to achieve which is why recklessly arrogant people disgust me.

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Jan 6, 2021
Everyone's covered what I'd have already said so I'm gonna expand on the tattoo bracket. Some minor professional power leveling ahead but, your tattoo choices give you away.

The following tattoos belong to simple or common or useless fuckers trying to prove something;

1) David Beckham shit. Your greyscale clouds and angels and doves and stars bollocks. It wasn't a good sign five years ago, it's even worse now. I'll bet you waxed your chest or arsehole too at one point before you realised women weren't into that as much as gay deviants.

2) Pocket watches, eyes, roses and lion portraits. Same shit modern era.

3) White girl tattoos; feather/ dream catcher/ paw prints/ infinity symbols/ tiny 'tasteful' shit that will blur into a fucking mess before you hit 30.
These are ALL basic bitches.

4) Kawaii or spooky designs AKA borderline personality disorder markers.

5) Cartoon or Marvel shit. He who wears these will never grow a pair and can't even wash dishes without leaving more grease stains then previously left.

6) Tribal. If you're still getting this shit you've gotta be autistic or stuck in the past. 100% likely to be cringe.

7) Old school. We're not in the fifties any more, you penny farthing riding, moustache twirling, soy king, tattooing has come a long way since then. If you aren't from the era or are a tattooist getting something traditional as a nod to our fields forefathers, it makes you look pretentious or unimaginative AT BEST.

8 ) Ribbons. If your nan died of cancer do you REALLY want to remember her by a cancer ribbon? Or is it the case that you never really knew your poor nan outside of the excitement of telling every fucker how sad it is that she had cancer?
Thoughtless pricks.
Same goes for the autistic puzzle piece. If anyone got that in pretend honour for me I'd cease to react to them normally and only ever melt down in their presence for the rest of our joint time here on earth.
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Feb 2, 2019
, sports, etc, DON’T base your entire personality around it. I’m glad that something in life brings you joy but, you need to have a life outside of these things. I find it especially strange that as of these past few years, people have been using sexualities as a substitute for a personality. Why a sexuality of all things? Does anybody have an answer to this?
I am the reverse. When it's a hobby or passion, I like when someone is really autistically obsessed by something.

As for your question, it's easy. It's the modern religion, the opiate of the masses. If you're one of the protected classes of sexuality, you have the entire media telling you that you are awesome, you have all cultural icons being rebranded into such sexuality oriented personalities and on top of that there is the sexual control which started with bavarian societies and was continually developed, later by wilhelm reich, kinsey, cia research until where we are today. The most sophisticated forms is how there media subtly tells you that lgbtq people are the most virtuous and also continual victims training you not just to have a positive bias towards them but also for other people to have a positive bias towards them.

Of course there are two important things working against this; it can go against biological reality and when people see through it they really hate being manipulated and it has backlash.

And besides the subtle forms I talked about earlier you also have the really obvious low grade stuff that is easy to recognize like sissy hypno stuff or how you have people in bdsm scene conditioning people into certain stuff like what happened to the wachowskis.

In some sense the bisexual queer asexuals and variants are the churchladies of yesteryear that don't really think for themselves but are just oversocialised and try to be what is the very most socially acceptable (which paradoxically is to be a culture warrior cunt, in both cases, but the lgbtq version is much worse).