What makes you immediately disregard someone? - A certain accent? A physical trait?

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Aug 25, 2020
Well this is more of a case specific example, but a lot of sports fans have retarded takes. Mostly the type who love to trade a dollar for 2 quarters and a nickel.


Dec 16, 2020
People who unironically like Jake and Logan Paul and people who play sports games.

Also fuck Muslims.
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Chins? What chins?
Dec 31, 2019
Contrarians. How bad at interacting do you have to be if you simply oppose everything someone says, even if you agree? It's fucking annoying and they think they're "adding to the conversation" when really they're just adding details that don't fucking matter for the sake of arguing.
I swear to fucking god you just described my old man--the single most disagreeable human being I have ever encountered. Disagreeable--literally--as in the sense that no matter WHAT you say/position you take, he will disagree vehemently regardless how idiotic/difficult/nasty he might have to make himself look in the circumstances pertaining at that moment to do so. In more decades than I care to remember, I don't recall him EVER just responding to someone's suggestion/observations with "Yes" or "right" or "good" or any other straightforward form of agreement or approval.

AN absolute waste of time and energy to attempt to communicate or reason with.


Chins? What chins?
Dec 31, 2019
Doesn't know what a rotary is truly capable of.
Engine? You mean not a radial, but an actual rotary: viz:

rotary engine.jpeg

The ghost of Babs

Feb 9, 2021
— People who listen to pod casts, they’re all shit. Annoying white dweebs talking over each other for AN HOUR, no thanks
— Anyone who leaves voicemails, it’s not the fucking 90s
— Cunts with WhatsApp settings where the ticks don’t turn blue
— Chicks with too much makeup
— Russians
— People who use mayonnaise in their food
— Bloggers / influencers
— Men over 23 in skinny jeans
— Male feminists, pathetic
— People who don’t ever drink alcohol
— Troons that don’t fully pass
— Bad breath Uber drivers
— Too cool for school bar tenders, idgaf what you’re studying mate
— Members of the travelling community (pikeys)
— People who work (get paid) by charities
— England football fans
— Spouses / partners who seem to think it’s their purpose in life to blunt their other half’s energy
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Nov 2, 2020
- Dyed hair (green especially)
- Piercings where they don’t belong (nose, tongue, eyebrow)
- Any weed paraphernalia
- Capeshit references
- Ghetto accent if not black or Latino (you have zero excuse)
- Play too many video games (will probably still be your friend, but won’t take your advice seriously)
- Had a kid too early (20 and under in a first world country)
- Atheism
- Nihilism
- Anarchism
- Basically any one who adopts some “2edgy4me” ideology that is faggy and gay
- Trans
- Man who wears makeup
- Bicyclist who rides on the road (kill yourself)
- Suicidal
- Adult Steven Universe fan
- Adult stan
- YouTuber
- Professional gamer
- Adult Minecraft gamer (you’re probably a pedophile)
- Pedophile

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Jun 9, 2021
  • People who claim to be 'fierce' and the 'i say it your face' crowd
  • Family bloggers
  • Those adult men with a weird obsession for organized crime
  • Tumblr lingo ('important reminder that...' and the like)
  • Weirdly dyed hair
  • MLM
  • Stoners


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Aug 5, 2020
Talking crap behind people's back is a warning sign, then supporting black lives matter, to paraphrase, "it was only a few bad actors".


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Jun 2, 2015
- People who make everything queer.
- People who use y'all, especially when they're not from the South.
- People who constantly call for empathy, but display little of it.
-People who make erroneous claims, or make a hyperbole out of it.
- Wiccans.
- Militant atheists.
- Supporters of failed ideologies, ex. Communism, Fascism.


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Aug 26, 2018
- People who don't know how to dress.
- People who care about Star Wars at this point.
- People who don't share the work in social situations. When you invite someone over, you clean house first. When you're a guest at dinner, you offer to help put stuff away. When you're staying with roommates, you take a share of the cleaning, and do it proactively.
- Anti-intellectuals. People who take a snide sort of pride in only appreciating simple pleasures. This means you're an incurious bastard, not some enlightened soul. Trying new things is good for you. I can't be mad at them IRL, but they're no fun.
- People without a sense of humor. Like how blind people process their sense of hearing in a more complex way than seeing folks, humorless people often compensate with an enhanced sense of moralism and self-importance.
- People who lash out at criticism instantaneously without attempting to refute it or understand why it's being given.
- Schizophrenia and Narcissism.
- People who honestly judge by race. There are idiots and geniuses from everywhere. Judge by family, doesn't that just make more sense?
- People who can't imagine situations in the third person. People who can't hear themselves.
- People who exclusively hang out with people more fat/autistic/ugly/stupid/naive than themselves, often in a faux-nurturing "mom/dad friend" way. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.
- Transgender people, but only the ones who seek body mutilation or hormone therapy. I don't give a fuck if it's just an aesthetic choice, more power to you. But anything past that is basically legalized self harm.
- People who have no social awareness.
- Test tube babies. For some reason, every one I've met has been a deplorable person. Call it a superstition.
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May 20, 2019
Staring at their smartphone any time they have a minute of free time. I notice this a LOT with co-workers and age doesn't really seem to factor in the equation. I see men and women of all ages do this, from teenagers all the way to 80-year old boomers.
Also, girls - seeing your face glued to your smartphone is a huge turn-off. It makes you look vapid and superficial. Stop it.


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Jul 14, 2018
-Overweight, meaning I never want to hear any talk of discipline or morality, since they can't even manage their body.
-Eastern European accents, with it getting worse the more I can imagine someone having no forehead and a unibrow. usually prompts an "alright Igor."
-Poorly groomed or bad facial hair, don't need inputs from a nigga with a faux-man-chu.
--Subcategory: Men who buy anything along the lines of "manly kits". Beard oil, straight razors, you're not a barber from the 20s.

-Intentional disuse of a mask in a store, you are acting like a faggot plague rat. Leave the elderly alone.
-Punisher decals, any version of comic book soy. Punisher is most common though.
-Political stickers/flags on car,
-People who think they can do art for a living.
-People who smoke a lot of weed.
-People who think ricers are cool (this is a cope, Subarus are for dykes and Asian sons of doctors)
-Grind faggots. If I make what you do in half the time and you're bragging to me about working 16 hours a day and not sleeping more than 4, you are a hack retard with poor time management/efficiency problems.
-Anyone who says "doggo" or "pupper" at this point is a suspected pedophile.

New batch:
-You're a cyclist. Your toy belongs on bicycle paths and driveways, not on the road with actual vehicles. Bike lanes are a waste of tax payer money.
-Engage in hypotheticals, meaning you have no ability to think in the abstract and are a low IQ autist.
-People who have phobias of:
--Dogs, man's best friend.
--Needles past the age of 8.
-Unkempt women
-Bald women

I'll think of more and steal whatever else looks good.
If you can't see the advantage of using proper shaving cream (not from a shitty can) and a badger brush I don't know what to tell you. Some of us just have sensitive facial skin.