What makes you think troonism won't win?

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Apr 27, 2021
I figure once we've had a few more years of this shit the bodies will be piled too high to ignore. That and the countless documentation on the internet, as hard as they try to scrub it away, will be there. Growing evidence of all the child grooming, bad-touchy bathroom dudes, and the sheer clownery of MtF's on social media... It's not creating a great look for troons, and will hopefully erode all this fake support for them by people who have 'progressed' out of their sense of reason.

At the end of the day I feel bad for them, really. Mental illness fucking sucks, and no human deserves to suffer from it. Instead of funding treatment and research, like every other mental illness, they're being encouraged to have these horrendous surgeries. In the short term I bet it does help with the dysphoria until the crushing reality of the arm sausage/axe wound comes in. Hard to ignore something that causes you constant physical pain or discomfort every day for the rest of your life, because it's not even close to the real thing.


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Jan 11, 2020
I couldn't agree more with OP
I still don't get how people can be asking this question, It's almost like a form of denial the Overton window has shifted and continues to shift for the past 30 years.
Look at how Obama and Clinton where against gay marriage in 2008, what makes you think that any problems we see with progressivism won't be blamed on the issue itself.
If the current shift continues any messed up surgeries or kids with fucked up endocrine systems will surely be blamed on the doctors being transphobic.
Take a look at this interview with the Arkansas governor in it he says that trans kids conform to Reagan's idea of laissez fairism. Arkansas is a deeply red state.
Giving kids HRT isn't even an out there political belief anymore it's being puppeted by mainstream conservative pundits.

I hate Yukari Takeba.

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Jan 11, 2019
Considering what troons do to their body, the amount of them that attempt suicide and bills that go against them being passed in dozens of states, there's a good chance that normalcy will claim victory in the end. The only thing going for them is normalization.


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Mar 19, 2018
I have seen the transhuman future on second life, and I can tell you right now that no one is going to hire a 7'foot tall minotaur with lactating tittys for any kind of job position.

Also trannys who do live long enough to reach old age will be the funniest things on earth and every nigga gonna laugh nonstop at them. They will be a symbol of retardation across eons.
I think we’re living in a lolcow era. Like in a thousand years people won’t remember exactly when we reached the moon but they’ll remember the time the I Fucking Love Science crowd castrated themselves and wore dresses. Also if the Republic falls, the economy upends, etc., and anything bad in the next century will be attributed to it.
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It will be different this time (tm)
I have a few counterpoints to this.

The first is not everyone who thinks trannyism is going to lose or is opposed to trannyism is a social conservative. Terfs are the best example of this. Many of these terfs still support gay marriage and overall are on the left, but they’ve become more vocal in their criticisms of trannyism. Every year they’re gaining more support, not less. At no point during the 2004 or 2008 elections was there a serious opposition amongst progressive activists to gay marriage. The main obstacle was the undecided, moderates, and social conservatives. There really wasn’t any opposition on the left, those who opposed it from the lgb community were die hard conservatives and token minorities. Many were republicans first, homos second. In contrast, there was quite an active number of libertarians and non-religious conservatives who vocally supported gay rights.

The second point is that I feel like this is the flip side of the “right side of history.” It basically boils down to people thinking that progressive activists are always going to win out, and if you don’t want to get left behind, you should jump ship and make sure you’re on the “correct side of history.” There isn’t a basis in this unless all you care and think about are nebulous “social values” and you ignore everything else. I’d argue though that progressives aren’t winning out and when they do get something at best it’s a concession by the establishment.

Trannyism only has so much clout because of big pharma, which has a lot of pull, supports it. The same big pharma also actively opposes and routinely beats a lot of progressive attempts to reform it. Why? Because reform would cost them bucket loads of money. It’s not that progressives are winning, they don’t feel like they’re winning, and many feel hopeless when it comes to guns, medical care, etc. When they do win its because they’re being milked for every last dime.

Third, there are some significant differences between gay rights and trans rights. Primarily, there really wasn’t an argument that many moderates and even a fair number of conservatives, would buy as to why gay marriage should be opposed. There really wasn’t something material at mistake, a lot of it was hypothetical fear mongering. A lot of opposition to gay marriage came down to ill defined ideas like “protect family values” and “religious freedom.” The issue with the former is that values are very subjective and aren’t necessarily universal. The problem with the latter is that not everyone was religious and even if they were, they’d ask ‘would or should religious freedom trump or even prevent two consenting adults from entering into a marriage agreement? How would two adults entering into a private agreement affect others religious beliefs?’ Turns out, most didn’t think it would and the apocalyptic preaching was wrong about it leading to arrests, the rapture, etc.

Other concerns that this line of thought would bring up (back then) is which religions and religious values should we allow to shape our society? Judo-Christian and even Christian values is a very, very broad concept and is very debatable. There are tens of thousands of congregations and I can assure you that there is not a lot they can agree on. Some denominations/religions for example oppose blood transfusions because of how they interpret the Old Testament. If we allowed religious values to dictate who can be married what consequences could it have on things like blood transfusions at the local level, especially in places where they made up a considerable portion of the population? (Lol I feel like I went back in time there for a bit).

This differs from trans rights in that trans rights have very substantial and material negative affects on others. Currently trannies are dominating women’s sports, are a threat to women and girls in bathrooms, the surgeries they proclaim are necessary are not as effective as advertised, and they’re irreversible. Furthermore many trannies think they’re animals, have multiple personalities, and are clearly mentally ill. One of the major advantages the lgb community had at the time is that they were often seen as just as or less crazy than fundies. A lot of them came out and were normies. In contrast trannies were the autistic kids in high school that flip out at the smallest perceived grievance. Its easier to defend gay rights when it’s for some relatively normal neighbor than it is to defend some bipolar furry pedo who claims to have multiple personalities and a feminine penis.

A fourth key difference is that there wasn’t as much money or attention that could be made from opposing gay rights like there will be with trans rights. There were some fundie grifters but it wasn’t as profitable. In contrast people were able to get progressive points if their children were gay or lesbian, much like how many can get them today if their kid is trans. If some attention whore tried to make their kid gay, and later it turned out they weren’t, it could be handwaved as a weird phase and forgotten about… There are people who flip out about being circumcised. Now imagine if those same people who were circumcised were pressured by their mothers to chop off their dicks. How would they feel? What would they do? They’ll shriek a lot more that’s for sure. How many of them would speak out and more importantly try to sue people? At that point there will be some that aren’t even interested in recouping money but just inflicting financial hardship on anyone they associate with their castration. With gays there wasn’t going to be a massive amount of lawsuits and if anything gay marriage would be a boon to family lawyers that specialize in divorce. With trannies there’s going to be a lot of money in lawsuits. America is one of the most litigious countries ever. So of course people will sue when their daughter doesn’t get an athletic scholarship, is violated in the bathroom, when their kid is stunted because of puberty blockers, or because they were misled about being a woman in a man’s body. It’s going to be a shitshow of epic proportions…

Lastly, one also should factor in the grifters. How many would try to get 15 minutes of fame? If it got them views, donations, etc., how many would turn to YouTube and TikTok to talk about their slew of medical problems, their struggles with detransitioning, how they were lied and betrayed by the medical community, etc?
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Jan 18, 2017
So firstly, as a lot of people mentioned, there will be the health effects. Remember, a lot of these medications and surgeries are shown as this wonderous miracle cure for all of their mental problems, because all of their mental problems stem from being trans.

The problem here is multiple.

1) There are massive consequences to puberty blockers, surgery, drugs and hormone treatments. These are never very pretty, and its horror story after horror story. Unless you're going complete delusion, there's going to be a lot more people who are going to be angry about this whole movement. Its not going to be huge, but with the numbers of 'trans kids' we're seeing, you're going to have a not insignificant population are going to end up with massive health defects too big to hide. Eventually its going to come cascading out.

Puberty blockers are completely unsafe, as you cannot just 'restart' puberty or replace one hormone for another and have your body magically accept it as the reverse gender. We are not interchangeable. So we're going to end up with entire populations who have been sterilized and trapped between androgyny, suffering from osteoporosis in their 30s and 40s or getting menopause and being post-menopausal by 30s.

The surgeries themselves are expensive and it doesn't matter if people fuck them up, they're 'supporting troons' so they're untouchable right now. And then they're malpractice insurance will just eat it.

2) A vast, vast majority of these people do not have GID. The number of troons is exploding right now while the LGB population has remained mostly the same. There's no reason as to why troons are exploding except that its trendy and in fashion. Eventually, the mental illnesses are just going to pile on and on until they completely break. Eventually because they don't have GID and have completely broken their bodies and having any chance at being remotely normal (that they've been lied to and shocker, most men and women do not want to date troons), that most are just fucking mental. I mean, we're seeing this already.

3) People on the side-lines are going to witness #1 and #2 and teach their kids to be tolerant and pretend to be tolerant themselves but will not let their kids troon out. The majority of normies are going to look at 1 and 2 and go 'holy fucking shit'. Don't get me wrong, they're not going to rock the boat. But that doesn't mean they're fucking getting on it either.

And because troons are sterile, that ideology doesn't get passed on. Also most of these people don't want kids, so the ideology doesn't get passed on anyway.

The medical and emotional consequences will be most visible.

Secondly, troons invade and try to pervert every single space to be about them. I have never seen such a small, tiny minority be so fucking loud, obnoxious and arrogant that they think they deserve everything coming to them. Seriously, they're <0.5% of the population, but EVERYTHING has to have a trans character? 3-4% are gay (6x - 7x the troon population) but the loudest, most obnoxious voices I hear are the fucking troons.

This has not only caused massive conflict with heteros and cis people, but the 'LGB' wing as well. Drag queens and troons HATE each other. Troons hate drag queens because they pass better and drag queens hate troons because the troons feel like everything is trans. So there's this sort of war going on, because the troons are pissing off pretty much everyone involved. Because they cannot. shut. the. fuck. up. about how EVERYTHING is trans.

Crossdressing? Trans.
Tomboy? Trans.
Girl playing with boy's toys and clothes? Trans.
Boy playing with girl's toys and clothes? Trans.
You play as a female character in a game? Trans.

They cannot shut the fuck up because they need the entire world completely justified for their own fucked choices.

You simply cannot be that annoying and expect continued tolerance or acceptance of your bullshit. Not to mention the huge negative health consequences of trooning out. These are life-long medical conditions. They will NEVER go away and are going to cost massive amounts of dollars to fix, because while everyone is getting on the troon train, nobody cares about the de-transition train.

A minority this obnoxious, destructive and actively harmful cannot maintain power without violence. It is simply not possible. Eventually there will be too many bodies, too many testimonials, too much support being siphoned off and too much money being lost for it to work.

Its sort of like the trans-orbital lobotomy. Or the ice-pick lobotomy. If you look at the history of the lobotomy, it has a history much like troonism. Early on, lobotomies needed a full surgical team and a neurosurgeon and expert specialists who would decide if it was alright to preform one. It would target the correct anatomy and could even be helpful in some minority of cases (the full surgical team one).

In contrast, the trans-orbital lobotomy was inaccurate butchery done by a quack who boasted he could do 50 patients in a day. No more surgical teams, no more expensive neurosurgeons, anybody could do it! And it provided great benefits to the patient! The medical community loved it, because it was cheap, any fucktard could preform it and if they had problem patients, they'd just give them one. No more surgeons going 'naw dawg, fuck off'. Instead you had a fucking ice pick and a hammer and swished it around somewhere, who the fuck knows, for 40 seconds and then beep boop beep, magical cure! AMAZING TREATMENT.

Except the bodies started to pile up. People just became vegetables or had their complete cognitive thoughts destroyed. They became incapacitated or worse. Even despite the results being seen, the barbarity was popular because of its cost-effectiveness and dealing with people society didn't want to deal with. It was huge. And then it started to happen to so many people, including several famous cases, that it could no longer be ignored for what it was.

Same thing with troonism. Started out as something you needed highly investigated, highly technical work done and if approved, sent to surgeons who generally specialized in doing these surgeries. Now? Any fucking quack with a prescription pad can just go 'its a troon, here's your puberty blockers, horse piss and a surgeon referral'. Except the surgeon is a butcher or some rando who doesn't specialize in these surgeries because the good ones are not fucking cheap.

So you have this highly complex, intricate medical process that deals with the intricacies of human physiology and mental health...completely streamlined and done for-profit. These things have consequences that cannot be ignored, no matter how much virtue signaling, no matter how much canceling, no matter how much screaming you do, cannot be ignored.


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Mar 21, 2021
I don't. I think there's a tendency in this forum especially to overestimate just how many people are on your side. Step into the real world for a second and consider how many people are actually against transitioning. Elderly people? Sure. People on the bad side of their 40s? Maybe, but for every boomer dad there's a mom who would be absolutely delighted to have an alphabet son turned daughter. Anything below that and the majority swings pro-trans.

Believe it or not, radical feminists who would otherwise be pro-trans if it weren't for their own self-obsession are neither rational nor the majority. They weren't in 2016 when you hated them and they aren't now.

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Mar 31, 2019
Nature always finds a way to remove genetic defects!
When the degeneracy & mental illness hits critical mass nature will begin the purge...


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Sep 10, 2017
Its really eye opening to see how many people on this site think that troons are somekind of super warriors that have made the entire west bend to their fantasies.
Troonism is just an aspect of the larger progressive movement. As long as progressives exist, troonism will as well. The more power progressives have, the prevalent troonism will become. The individual troons themselves do not factor into these changes to society, if anything they're just pawns of progressive movement.


Jul 7, 2020
A big part of the very nature of people that do this is that they live for struggle and being a victim of something. The lawsuits will start soon enough against the medical community and parents. The long term health complications of having an open wound in between your legs the needs constant maintenance for life and pumping your healthy body with unatural hormones isn't going to end well. The rate of stroke and heart attack skyrockets when you take these hormones. Most will never accept responsibility for what they've done to themselves. It will fall out of favor and be an embarrassing and horrific chapter in history.


Apr 23, 2019
I figure once we've had a few more years of this shit the bodies will be piled too high to ignore. That and the countless documentation on the internet, as hard as they try to scrub it away, will be there. Growing evidence of all the child grooming, bad-touchy bathroom dudes, and the sheer clownery of MtF's on social media... It's not creating a great look for troons, and will hopefully erode all this fake support for them by people who have 'progressed' out of their sense of reason.

At the end of the day I feel bad for them, really. Mental illness fucking sucks, and no human deserves to suffer from it. Instead of funding treatment and research, like every other mental illness, they're being encouraged to have these horrendous surgeries. In the short term I bet it does help with the dysphoria until the crushing reality of the arm sausage/axe wound comes in. Hard to ignore something that causes you constant physical pain or discomfort every day for the rest of your life, because it's not even close to the real thing.
Exactly! Troonism will die..but it will take a huge pile of body bags as Based Coffee Man described to take place before it will be called out. Sadly, people wont cry against this insanity UNTIL after their kid was raped by Yaniv... 400 times.

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Sep 1, 2019
are the people who say this genuinely retarded or just pretending to be?
You could say the same thing for fags, but look at how many of them there are nowadays. If this was true then troons would've died off long ago rather than springing up now like weeds.
They have to be groomed sure.

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