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I had often thought of a mobile app that had a layer of VPN/encryption, maybe combined with a seeding or a block-chain-style updating method, where we could sell ad space. Dear Leader had written me back reminding me no one would want to advertise on such a site.

This is truly a platform of free speech reasonably, and should be protected. Perhaps a telethon with a tote-board and some local musical acts? ((woof))

I think as things get dicier IRL, Mr Null will see an opportunity to monetize without selling out. Back when we could use paypal stuff, it was way easier to set a monthly-donation. I felt I earned my little True & Honest fan badge. Now I send what crypto I have left.

One wet dream I have is of KiwiPay(patent pending ) where it's like PayPal but for internet degenerates (the far left, the far right, NO NOT TROONS) and then it becomes way easier to support the site.

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Eating large amounts of beans and curry, taking dumps in brown paper bags, and writing "Star Wars" on the side to sell to idiots who actually liked Plan IX?

I'm pretty sure Disney already does this, but I didn't see anything about it on their website.

Glad I couldn't help

Kiwi Farms prediction market. Do you think you know when Spoony and Mumkey are going to finally end it and leave forever? Or what will be the weight as the supermassive black hole/Youtuber BGE2988 (aka "Boogie") within the next six months? Or when will Kiwi Farms be removed from Cloudflare? Now you can win some money (hopefully), all while giving Null some extra cash.


Most ideas fail on how to collect money since the farms cannot use a payment processor. I find it the easiest thing to do is to just go to newproject2. I know that its a bit of a "well duh" moment. But having no google ad sense or a payment processor it makes coming up with ideas hard. I don't understand why we don't have Russian ads yet, and I do understand why we don't have porn. Coin miners would destroy phones for the people that use them.
Aren't there any payment processors belonging to Russia and couldn't care less for what reason people use them?


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Null could put ads (endorsements, really) up on the site for various products and then request money to have them taken down for a period of time. The cows will organize mass complaints on social media, which Null could make worse by recording and editing his interactions with the legal teams who request that endorsements for their products be removed... he could edit the media to make it seem that the companies approve of him and KF.

It's a way to leverage his and our community's pariah status, to turn it from a liability into an asset. The lulz to be had from trolling multinational corporations are nice too.

He could offer payment options for endorsement removal, on a sliding scale based on the company's recorded profits, where the price is positively correlated to the amount of time the endorsement will not appear. This should include a very expensive option for permanent removal.




You could buy Amazon gift cards or prepaid debit cards and PM null the details to use them. You load money up, he spends it.
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Null can make money with a job if he can somehow hide or launder his identity. How to do this is the problem.

I assume he is somewhere in Eastern Europe. If he can research how to start a LLC or the local equivalent and he can legally change his name to a common one like Michael Smith or Mohammed Mohammed (in Ukrainian), then he should be able to get remote work from an outsourcing firm. I don't know his visa details so I don't know if this will work for him.

Back when I was still trying to get a job in the tech sector, I replied to Craigslist ads where a guy offered to build and maintain websites and mobile apps. I asked the guy for a job and but for my lack of skill I would have it today. He asked no questions and said he had teams of people, so I assume he was passing their work off as his own.

I do know of several doxed internet racists who do freelance web and mobile dev using pseudonyms, so that is an option.

Barring all that he could go into business for himself, but the only ways I know to make money from programming and IT are web design, mobile app dev, making games (very unlikely) freelancing, being an outsourcing drone, college cheating, and cyber crime.

Whatever he does, he should never talk about it and any financial or tech details of his life, except to spread false information.


Kiwi Con! We all meet up in Pripyat for a weekend of Doxing and drinking the local tap water. ITs very close to Nulls location and they have an amusement park.

i also have the Motto of the Convention worked out...

Let's get together and get some relief
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