What movie/tv show/other entertainment medium made you cry like a baby? -


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I have a few, but I’ll start off with the one I remember the most vividly.

When I was a preteen I used to watch Futurama reruns all the time on Adult Swim. It always cheered me up and made me laugh until I saw that episode: Jurassic Bark.

If you need a refresher or haven’t seen it, it’s the episode where Fry finds the perfectly fossilized remains of his dog from the 20th century, Seymour. They were inseparable until the day Fry was cryogenically frozen. It turns out that Seymour was so well preserved in the 30th century that he could be cloned back to life with his memories and personality intact. But then Fry finds out that Seymour died at 15; he left Seymour when he was 3, meaning he lived for 12 years after Fry’s disappearance. Fry decides to not go through with the cloning, figuring that Seymour lived a long, happy life with a new owner and forgot about Fry.

Except not. A flashback shows that Seymour waited for Fry in the place he last saw him every single day of those 12 years, through snow, rain, and heat. The last shot is of an elderly Seymour laying down on the sidewalk and closing his eyes, presumably for the last time.

That episode fucking destroyed me, I cried so much after I saw that ending. I didn’t rewatch it until years later, and even then I still teared up.

Another example of my childhood emotional trauma was when we read “Where the Red Fern Grows” in fourth grade.

It’s a book about a boy and his two dogs, both of whom die at the end of the book.

I cried like a bitch, so did half my class.

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I remember that Futurama episode. That was very heartbreaking. Another Futurama episode was involving Bender's creation with Hermes. That was sad.

I remember one Simpsons episode where Bart would have to repeat the fourth grade unless he passed his history test. He spent all that time studying and still failed. I can sympathize with trying your best and still not good enough. The teacher gave him an extra point at the end, he was elated.

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Movie - the ending of Stand By Me, mainly because of how this group of best friends just slowly drifted apart over the course of their lives. No fighting, no antagonism to end the friendship, just outgrowing each other. I can relate to that, having had it happen in my own life. Shit hurts.

Video Game - The "In Water" ending to Silent Hill 2, mainly when Mary's voice actress reads her full letter to James. She legit sounds like she's trying not to cry, not just acting, and the letter itself is absolutely heartbreaking

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There was one episode of Bojack Horseman that was emotional. Fish out of Water.

Bojack Horseman is underwater for an awards ceremony I think. There's little spoken dialogue either; land mammals and humans have to wear suits to handle the water pressure. Bojack is on the bus trying to find his ex (I believe), then there's this seahorse father with lots of children. One gets caught with Bojack as he leaves the bus. The baby follows him around for the whole episode. At first, Bojack is annoyed and tries to return him to his dad. But as the episode develops, Bojack is attached to the baby seahorse. He tries to buy food for it, he couldn't and steals formula for the store. The baby almost gets turned to mincemeat, Bojack saves him from a machine. At the end he finds the baby's home, the father thanks him and tries to pay him but Bojack refuses. Remember he can't talk with the fish, so he can't say that he'll miss the baby seahorse.

Bojack learns about attachment and selflessness with a baby seahorse. Hearing the baby cry underwater was adorable and sad. Especially when you try to help it.

Bojack Horseman is a great Netflix series, I highly recommend it.

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It's usually music that gets me. A lot of the Tragically Hip's songs will get me a bit misty and I teared up listening to All Uncovered by the Watchmen the other day. On the odd occasion a book will do it, too; when Oy died in the Dark Tower series I had to put the book down for a while and compose myself.
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I also cried over where The Red Fern Grows back in fourth grade. Except it was the movie adaptation.

Pretty much any movie that involves a dog/dog-like animal companion is guaranteed to turn on the waterworks. My Dog Skip, Marley & Me, The Last Guardian, ect. Also that Futurama episode.

Lilo and Stitch also made me cry when

Nani was singing Aloha Oe to Lilo the night before she was going to be has to be taken by Cobra Bubbles)

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Call me a little kid, but there was an episode of Kirby anime where he gets a robot doggie. Said robot doggie becomes like a brother to him, but it's a demon creature by NME. Episode ends with the dog exploding and Kirby seeing his lil doggie bro in the stars. It made me cry like a bitch when I first saw it.

Also since we're talking Futurama: Luck of the Fryrish, where Fry discovered his brother named his child after Fry, because despite them fighting a lot, he still loved and cherished him as a sibling.
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When the dad died in the Adam Sandler movie Click, I cried like a bitch after leaving the theater, thinking of my own father dying.
I was literally going to say this. I am deeply ashamed such a stupid movie made me cry so much, but it really did make me cry harder than anything else. Some kind of primal shit that just straddled my psyche.

Aside from that, a lot of stuff makes me cry, because I'm a massive fucking woman. But something that particularly gets to me and makes me tear up to even read the synopsis of, is Mary and Max.

Mary is an outcast bullied little girl living in Australia with no friends and Max is an overweight 40 year old autistic man with no friends living in New York. By random chance they become penpals and confide in each other with how lonely they are and confused at the world, and constantly give each other advice on how to handle life and console each other. After Mary becomes an adult, she peruses a successful career in psychology with Max as her inspiration to cure autism. Max considers this a personal attack since he considers his autism a part of his personality and cuts contact with Mary, and she gets so depressed she nearly kills herself. Max realizes Mary is imperfect like him and he apologizes by sending her his collection of toys from a show they both liked. Mary eventually goes to visit Max, but finds him dead on his couch, having peacefully passed away. She begins to cry, and then looks up and sees that in his last moments he was staring at his ceiling, which was plastered in every single letter Mary sent to him.


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I have to physically leave the room during certain scenes in The Elephant Man. I try to remain cognizant of little tricks writers do to tug on your heartstrings, but I can't intellectualize the way that movie makes me feel. No matter how I prepare myelf, it's

Also, the crucifixion scene in Ben-Hur (1957) kind of makes me misty-eyed, especially when Balthazar wearily states, "I have lived too long." Because Christcuck.