What movie/tv show/other entertainment medium made you cry like a baby? -


Ending of Red Dead Redemption. John Marston deserved better.
Spoiling Arthur's end in 2 to myself by live-watching a joke stream that was meant to document every time they said "BOAH" (or "MUNEH", this happened a long time ago) was soul-crushing. I didn't cry when I got to that point in-game, but the point where he gets his death sentence still broke me a little.
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Vincent Van Gogh, who went to his grave (by suicide from depression) thinking that his artwork was worthless shit is taken by the doctor into the future and shown an entire floor of a museum dedicated to his work and the enduring impact it's had on history and humanity. His overwhelmed, teary-eyed gratitude makes me wish it were real. My feels get nuked from orbit by that one.
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I watched Tim Roth’s The War Zone in high school and cried like an absolute bitch. It’s kind of like if a Serbian film had no comic relief whatsoever. 2/10 would only recommend if you wanna feel fucking miserable for a few days.

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Sobbing while reading "Johnny Got a Gun" in 6th grade, a book about a soilder who's entire body and face gets blown off during a war but he miraculously survives. He can't see or talk, but can apparently hear. The whole book is him trapped in his mind while people come and go from his hospital bed, and all he can do is hear and feel him. He's able to lift his head and communicate through morse code.
At the end he tells the nurse to unplug the monitor and end his life. She does, but right before he dies, someone rehabilitates him and fires the nurse. He feels agony and pain for the rest of the book and it just ends. Being a naive and sensitive 12 year old, that was my first ever experience with hearing about such agony it made me cry. I still think about that book to this day.


Weebish, but there is an anime movie my sister took me to see once, Boy and the Beast, and it's got some weird tones that hit home with my relation to my own dad (both the physical difference between them, size and otherwise, as well as how Kumatetsu and Kyuta treat each other), and maybe a lot of guys (this generation is called "the lost generation" to some, and it especially applies to a certain group of young men)--plus the soundtrack is really good orchestral music.

Also, she saw an awards show once and they had an award for best animated movie, Earnest and Celestine won--it turns out the next day they had a single showing of it at some Regal Cinema that the manager ran as an arthouse cinema, and that was a good one too.

Im kinda into art, I like animation especially but not movies or tv necessarily and shes cool about finding shit like that, these niche showings or stuff like that because she's way into movies and the movie scene around our city.

I wasnt sobbing during these, but when I see animation and music paired, especially if I like the animation or music, it amplifies the effect of both for me, and I can get emotional.
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When I was 6, finishing Ocarina of Time, as an adult only the Mother 3 game, no idea why, I'm usually very unfeeling and uncaring with all media.


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The Land Before Time when Littlefoot sees a shadow and thinks it's his mother who had passed away.

David the Gnome when he and his wife and friend go to the mountain to die (turn into trees) and the fox who always followed then began to cry.

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This was the first movie to get an emotional response from me.
Its about a guy who lost his entire family during 9/11 and how he now lives his broken life.
It doesnt talk about the incident at all really, barely even mentions it, it really is just a movie about a totally broken man
I remember crying at the end when he is trying to explain why he is the way he is.


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Proud answer: the ending to Big Fish.

Shameful answer: the final battle in Crisis Core. The rest of this shitty game did not deserve this sequence.

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Titanic (F all y'all, that bitch made me cry countless times!)

Also, a couple songs that are guaranteed to make me cry:


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I can't recall any movies making me actually cry. But the closest to it must have been when I begrudgingly watched through that movie, Coco with my girlfriend... My grandfather recently died and my grandmother has some nasty as fuck Alzheimer. Now I wouldn't say a cartoon about a beaner stealing an instrument then being sent to skeleton beaner heaven would have made me emotional... But I was comfortably drunk near the end... And the scene where the main character is playing that song to his grandmother which caused her a bit of lucidity sort of hit me... All in all, it was actually a pretty good movie.

This one had me upset for weeks when I first saw it. I cry everytime I see it. Do not recommend, nsfw.

6 million tears rolled down my face.


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Summer Wars was so exhilarating but had such gut punching moments at times. I saw it for the second time with a group and brough my cousin along. Everyone was crying but my cousin straight up howled in pain when the grandma died. I knew there was gonna be some dramatic scenes at first but it pretty mich bitch slapped me across the face when the tear jerker moments came around.

Wolf Children and Grave of the Fireflies just made me depressed. :spudking:


There was this Korean animated film called Leafie, A Hen into the Wild that made me break down. It's the story of a hen named Leafie who escapes the horrible conditions of an egg production line, meets a mysterious duck who later ends up dying alongside his mate, but not before telling Leafie to take the surviving egg to the Everglades, where she ends up raising him as her son. Throughout the movie this One-eyed weasel stalks Leafie and Greenie (the orphan duck) trying to kill them. At the end Greenie goes to fly with a pack of ducks, leaving One-eye and Leafie to stare down at each other. Earlier before this, it was revealed that One-eye was female and had a litter, explaining why she killed the mysterious duck and his mate. Leafie decides to sacrifice herself so that her kits can survive throughout the winter.

That along with fighting Isabeau in SMTIV had me in tears.
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