What movie/tv show/other entertainment medium made you cry like a baby? -

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As a kid I used to snicker whenever my mother would tell me about how she saw the Pet Sematary movie after I was born and cried when the boy was killed because of her new perspective as a parent. When my son was born I thought "wouldn't it be funny if..." and watched it myself.

... sorry for always snickering, mom. The movie was not good and I still couldn't do it. Couldn't even watch the scene. Just shut it off and cried onto my baby. Can't even think about trying again now, either, the child actor looks too much like my son. The projection is real.
After becoming a parent, I've gained so much feels. Any piece of media that portrays my worst fears has the potential to make me tear up.
What if something happens to my kids? What if something happens to me and I won't be there for them? They trust me blindly, what if I fuck up and make them suffer? Then I'm already thinking about all the abused kids in the world, tiny smiles extinquished and I'm CRYING


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Van Hohenheim's death in FMA:B, and Lelouch's death in Code Geass. Honorary mention to No Game No Life: Zero.

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There are quite a few I could name but the ones I cried the absolute hardest at were when I watched Cinema Paradiso and when I read The Book Thief


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Summer Wars was so exhilarating but had such gut punching moments at times. I saw it for the second time with a group and brough my cousin along. Everyone was crying but my cousin straight up howled in pain when the grandma died. I knew there was gonna be some dramatic scenes at first but it pretty mich bitch slapped me across the face when the tear jerker moments came around.

Wolf Children and Grave of the Fireflies just made me depressed. :spudking:
It's a great movie and devastatingly sad. It didn't make me cry but it made me lie in bed with a woebegone expression for a long time, which is much worse than a quick cry. I'd rather not watch it again, it's a real gut punch.
Pretty much this. My brothers wailed over it, though, when I happened upon them watching it. Can't imagine how they'll react to Barefoot Gen tbh.

This part where the sister cries and the brother tries to cheer her up always did it for me.
Grave of the Fireflies is one of the most beautifully haunting films I’ve ever seen. It’s often described as “the best movie I never want to see again.” I definitely think it’s required viewing, its anti-war message is timeless. When nations go to war, it’s the innocent who suffer the most.

Also, a lot of people don’t know this, but Grave of the Fireflies is actually based on a true story. It was written by Akiyuki Nosaka, whose younger sister died of malnutrition during WWII (just like Setsuko). He wrote the story as an apology to her and as a way to process his guilt and grief, because he felt as though he should have died with her. That’s why both siblings die in the film, Nosaka thought he deserved to die for letting his sister starve to death.


The last part of The Sixth Sense always makes me cry like a baby, starting at the funeral for the little girl who died. Game wise, the In Water ending from Silent Hill 2 accompanied by Mary's letter. Never fails to get the water works going.

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End of Evangelion
So, you'll be okay now?

I still don't know where to find happiness...
But I'll continue to think about whether it's good to be here... whether it was good to have been born.
But in the end, it's just realizing the obvious over and over again.
Because I am myself.

But mother... what will you do?

Humans create Evangelion to copy God... Is this our true goal?

Yes. Humans can only live on this planet, but Evangelion can live forever... together with the human soul that dwells within it.

Even after 5 billion years, when the Earth, the Moon, and even the Sun have disappeared, it will still exist as long as even one person still lives. It will be very lonely, but as long as that one person still lives...

It will be the eternal proof that humankind has existed...

Good-bye, mother.

(That last part got me)

Hacksaw Ridge:
The part that got me was the scene where Desmond Doss was lowering the wounded down the ridge while under fire. "Please Lord, help me get one more."

Crisis Core - FF7: Zack's Final Stand. He fought bravely against a good chunk of the Shinra army to keep Cloud safe but... you know how it ends. The part that made me tear up a bit was the DMW sequence where memories of Aerith flash before Zack's eyes (That part made me believe that was one of the last thoughts on his mind) and passing the Buster Sword to Cloud, before he croaked.

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While that did hurt what destroyed me was elicia not understanding what had happened to her father and
telling them to stop burying him because he had a lot of work to finish and believing that once he finished he'd be able to go home. Scenes where children are confronted with the concept of death and aren't able to fully understand it always get me. (:_(

It reminds me of the movie A Monster Calls, plagued by bizarre marketing choices, that dealt with a young boy having to watch his mother slowly dying of cancer who is visited by a tree monster that tells him various tales. By the end of the movie, the monster asks for his darkest secret which turns out to be that
the boy just wanted it all to be over as he was tired of seeing his mom in so much pain with no hope of recovery and he felt that he was a terrible person for thinking that.


I've teared up/shed a few tears at some things, but there are only a few instances where I full-on cried.

Hughes' death. What really got me was Elycia's commentary. "Stop them, Mommy! Daddy said he had lots of work to do and if they bury him, he can't do it when he wakes up!" Major kudos to her voice actress. When the camera cut to Armstrong sobbing my heart officially broke. I remember sniveling like a little bitch while lying in bed that night.

The ending. I only ever teared up while watching other people play this part, but once I did it myself, I was a fucking mess. Everything from Lee's exhaustion (the bit where you have to button mash but can't get him to his feet no matter how hard you try, holy fuck) to Clementine's desperation to keep him going ("You can lean on me if you have to!") to the somber reprise of "Alive Inside" playing during Lee's final moments just utterly destroyed me.

Thane's death. I broke down when he started praying.
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Bowie No Jutsu only has 26k likes on Youtube. If that isn't enough to make you cry then you have no soul.




HOLLOM writhing in agony on the floor, STEPHEN trying to calm
him, shouting for assistance from the midshipmen and then
from PADEEN.

Mr Hollom. Sir. Try to contain yourself.
Hold his head. Mr Hollom. Padeen


Stephen is writing some case notes in his journal, when Jack
puts his head around the door.

Stephens POV: The lamp, lighting his face from below and to
one side, gives a strange lopsided twist to Jacks smile


There's nothing physically wrong with
him. He thinks he's been cursed by the

Then he probably has been. Sailors will
abide a great deal, but never a Jonah.
It's like a white crow - the others peck
it to death.

A 'Jonah'? My God, you believe it too.

I desired to save you the trouble of
looking for a cure. No doubt it will all
be sorted by the morning.


BLAKENEY stands near the bows peering out into the night. A
figure approaches from behind and lays a hand in his

BLAKENEY nearly jumps out of his skin.

Mr. Hollom! You gave me such a start. Are
you better now?

HOLLOM's breathing does indeed seem easier.

Much better, thank you.

I think the creature is going away.

I am sure of it.

He reaches down, picks up a 12 pound cannonball.

You've always been very kind to me.
Goodbye, Blakeney.

With a sudden movement he's on the gunwale, then he jumps
over the side the cannonball in his arms.

BLAKENEY looks down with shock to see HOLLOM's pale face
receding from him into the depths. It's a moment before he
gathers his wits to shout -

Man overboard!


The ship's company are mustered on deck. JACK stands at the
sword rack lectern. KILLICK hands him a Bible open at the
story of Jonah.

JACK looks, then hands it back to KILLICK.

The fact is, [ ] not all of us become
the men we once hoped we might be. But we
are all God's creatures. If some of us
thought ill of Mr. Hollom, or spoke ill
of him, or failed him in respect of
fellowship, then we ask your forgiveness,
Lord, and we ask for his.

Close on the faces of the crew - KILLICK, HIGGINS, NAGEL,
CALAMY, BLAKENEY and finally Stephen who is staring oddly at
Jack, as though holding him partly responsible for this
latest tragedy.


CREW (mumble ashamedly)

The men on deck remain standing, heads bowed, observing a
minute's silence, as the sky begins to pale, and the white
disc of the sun appears above them.
FASTER DOUDLE is the first to look up, followed by others -
the terrible sound has gone and a small puff of wind is
stirring the mainsail.


The sand runs out of the half-hour glass.

Strike eight bells.

QUARTERMASTER (to the marine sentry)
Turn the glass and strike the bell.

The glass is inverted. The bell tolls.


The ship moves through a tropical squall. Men rig a sail to
catch the water, others appear with barrels and tubs,
anything to catch the precious rain.


None, because I can no longer feel sadness nor any other emotion. However, if I had to give an answer it would be Midnight Cowboy.