What purpose do drag queens actually serve other than being a Lolcow? - Drag Queen Discussion

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Plague Dog

I don't like Drag stuff, it's just not my thing. But I've met many who enjoy it and see it like a sort of entertainment/live show thing. They pay to see these people and expect a character and comedy to go with it. It just makes me think of Pantomimes with an adult and often sexual twist thrown in.

I guess at Pride they like to be seen as fashion queens and comic relief.
I can't believe no one's said it here yet:

They're minstrel shows.

Drag is a female minstrel show.

Noir drag freak

After this Blues Clues drag queen song thing, I began to wonder, what purpose do Drag Queens actually serve in current year and why are they so aggressively promoted by the media and LGBT community?

You would think drag queens are something that the fag community would actually want to move past since they sort of represent the most stereotypical worst aspects of LGBT and are very out dated in the purpose they serve since transgenders are the modern evolution because of today's medical science. Drag queens were originally for gay men who wanted to be women or for gay people who wanted sex with a woman looking thing with a penis. Now all drag queens seem to do is make trans people look bad because drag queens only make it seem even more like trannies can't pass. Drag Queens also add to the whole gay people wanting to be woman is a fetish thing. They also seem to want to be around children more than any other LGBT related group and some have been confirmed as pedos. In general they make the LGBT community look like a joke.

TLDR: With all of this and more I do not understand why LGBT people accept drag queens as part of them, when they only seem out dated and only undermine any point the LGBT tries to prove to regular people about their life style.

This is what happens when your head is stuck in the cultural war. Examine the issue through the lens of history , class, and psychology. First off, there is a cultural aspect to it. While it's sexual, it's not completely sexual or about sex. It's a type of minstrel or pantomime based on playing with gender roles. They're basically cross-dressing clowns that tell jokes and sang show tunes. Most drag queens aren't even transsexual or transgender. Transsexuals hate them because it reminds them of what they are, men.
Secondly, drag queen story hour is a stupid issue. If you talk to any one in the gay community, about 85% of them would say it's stupid. They'll be the ones to point that the whole event is for liberals who to want to virtue signal and people who want to piss of conservatives. The perfect wedge issue. While we're talking about transissues and drag queen story hour, the middle class is getting poorer by the second.


Low-effort Reply Guy
Take 1 poor person
Add child abuse
They become gay
They start doing drag
They get raped
They turn trans


I think in regards to the abhorrent 'story time' evil the predator gay men have realised that troons are very protected, so they've decided to dress it up like that as a public prong of their attack on normalcy.


I'm pretty sure Drag Queens were meant to be some sort of "clowns for adults" but in an entertaining and freaky way, some of the ones i recall in my head were actually good singers and comedians.

But again, nowadays they are probably seen as just talentless freaks in dresses very strong and valid women.