What race would you not date? -

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I really have no counterargument to this. It's true. Every once in a while, I meet a white woman that seems to be an exception to this, a truly kind-hearted person, but they're always taken. Always by high-status men that I couldn't possibly compete with even if I wanted to.

I will say that I went interracial once and dated an Asian woman. It was actually really nice for a while. Actually, she ended up being the one hung-up on the race thing ("What will people/parents think!?" "People are staring at us!") whereas I didn't even think about it.

I think the main negative about white men marrying white women is that their children will be white and will be heavily discriminated against, marginalized, and demonized by actual institutionalized racism.

Yup. Met one or two women like this myself, always with a family pedigree or in an economic stratum with which I'd never be able to compete. With this kinda stuff, I feel the negative effects are felt mostly if you're lower-middle class and below. Above that, you're insulated by generally higher qualities within people you're likely to encounter. But still, this shit has penetrated every layer of society.

Re- the Asian thing, I feel you. Dated many, and a few in particular would always mention the 'looks' they got in public when we out together - always from Asian men, white women, or older conservatives (but mostly the former two groups.) Not only did I not care, I didn't even catch onto this 99% of the time.

I know a guy who married a Russian girl he met whilst doing his PhD. Lost contact with him long ago, but they were together for years and it seemed pretty ideal. Having met the girl once or twice in social situations, I was basically blown away when she mentioned having a non-lefty, non-Marxist interest in period literature. But I digress.

Lol at the last point.


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Race isn’t an issue, but nationality is a big one for me. If I can’t understand them, I generally won’t invest the time in them.
So basically people from cultures that are too resistive to adopt local customs and language, those are a hard pass for me.

That includes Middle Eastern, Indian and certain parts of Africa. South African people are pretty cool though, so I wouldn’t mind hanging out with one of those.

Oh and certain countries in Eastern Europe. Not sure what it is with them all, but they are all collectively awful people from my experience.

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I don't find the prospect of dating or marrying non-whites off-putting at all, but I'd find it strange to raise kids who looked too dissimilar from me.
That's the toll you pay for being a literal cuckold.

The reality is, if you date and marry a white woman in this age, you're practically guaranteed to get with an ex-whore, completely secular in her views, woke as hell, and abrasive to any social convention that isn't epitomised by 'you go gurlllll!! To hell with responsibility and consequences!'
Well you see, that brain plague has permeated every ethnic community in the West, so the actual reality is that you're gonna have to set your bar low in the first place.

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