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I'm not going to bother with the whole picture, but I'm 100% Unitarian Universalist, 88% Liberal Quakerism, and 84% Reformed Judaism. My lowest were Jehovah's Witnesses (20%), Seventh-Day-Adventists (24%), Roman Catholicism (29%)


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100% Unitarian Universalism. The belief system I grew up with. Apparently, I have been brainwashed well!
96% Secular Humanism though, which is honestly pretty closely related.
83% Liberal Quakerism, which, again, is also fairly related.


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100% Secular Humanism
88% Unitarian Universalism
62% Liberal Christian Protestantism

Sounds about right. Never have had much use for religion.
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100% Secular Humanist not a surprise because growing up I was always at odds with the more religious people in my life.


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I got 100% UU, which I don't think is that helpful considering their belief is basically "believe whatever you want." I guess it's kind of a catch-all for people who would otherwise be atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist, but have a few spiritual beliefs.
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