What religion are you (quiz) -


Just a touch.
100% Unitarian universalist, 95% Neo-pagan, 81% Taoist. Well, it almost got it right.


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Top 3: Conservative Protestant Christian, Liberal Quakerism, Unitarian Universalism
Bottom 3: Hinduism, Atheism, Jainism/Eastern Orthodox Christianity (The two share the same percentage)

Just gotta say, I honestly feel this sort of quiz could be off. Then again, perhaps I do adhere to these but I am taking this quiz with some salt since I honestly never bothered with the "how important is this to me" that was at the bottom along with kinda feeling a bit conflicted on what to choose for some (afterlife belief, etc.). Also put down neutral for some questions so that probably thought I was something else.

88% Liberal Quakerism. Wooooooooooww. This test is kinda derp, isn't it?
You aren't the only one that feels that way about the quiz.


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100% Unitarian Universalism

I mean that probably makes sense. It's basically a cop-out style of religion where you just kind of believe that there's something. You just really don't have a clue what the hell it is you need to worship or even if you need to worship in the first place. Being considered 77% Scientologist though is a little alarming though.


100% "orthdox" Quaker, 84% of both Seventh-Day Adventism and conservative Protestant.

I took the test a while back and got about the same result, which surprised me because the other two high percentages describe me far better than being a Quaker, since I'm from an Adventist offshoot that carries on some of the same theology; the Adventist tradition is usually bent towards pacifism, so I imagine that helped me get what I did. After I took it last I got curious about them, and the idea of contemplative, self-driven services appealed to my mystic side; maybe when I get a free Sunday I'll pay them a visit.


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I have taken this test multiple times in my life and I remember that I originally got scientologist but afterwards I got neopagan every time until this time


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I got UU as well, but my second highest (at 77 percent) was Neopaganism. My third was Liberal Quakerism. Lowest were Islam and Bahai.


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My top 3:

Secular Humanism (100%)
Unitarian Universalism (98%)
Liberal Quakerism (83%)


Top 3
Unitarian Universalism (100%)
Liberal Quaker (86%)
Secular Humanism/Taoism (75%)

Bottom 3
Eastern Orthodox (12%)
Roman Catholic (18%)
Seven Day Adventist (19%)

I was baptized Catholic, but I guess the religion never quite clicked with me


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first question involved name and email address. I'm do not care enough to put up with that shit.
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