Containment What SHOULD Chris's fate be? - Gay CWC fanfic edition

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What should happen to Chris?

  • Prison

    Votes: 223 16.8%
  • Monetary fine

    Votes: 2 0.2%
  • Mental institution

    Votes: 413 31.1%
  • Nothing (forgiveness blessing)

    Votes: 36 2.7%
  • Put to sleep

    Votes: 160 12.0%
  • LADY'S prison

    Votes: 40 3.0%
  • No prison, but hobo saga

    Votes: 130 9.8%
  • Group home

    Votes: 98 7.4%
  • Live with Cole

    Votes: 50 3.8%
  • Move to Tranch

    Votes: 156 11.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 22 1.7%

  • Total voters

Happy and Gay Nicholas J.

Condensating bitches
Jul 16, 2021
Not a clue, though the story of Chris Chan is a tragedy.

I think it's time we finally cancel Chris. I feel awful for saying this, given that he’s an autistic man without any real social barriers, but he deserves to be at the lowest point in how life. Who knows, one could argue that this could probably be the best thing for him. He’ll get the help he needs. A chance to get grounded. A chance to be taken back into reality, which is just one of the many things holding him back. I also hope Barb gets put into a nice care home. Look, we all know she abused both Cole and Chris going on. She was a manipulative witch who’s wholeheartedly responsible the clusterfuck that Chris’ life has turned out to be.

Chris is a complicated case-study. No one taught him about his own condition. He more or less garnered his own ignorant interpretation of what the condition is. It's also worth noting that he wasn’t taught the simplicities of life (i.e, money, taxes, etc). He was left to himself. He’s grown up to be narcissistic man child. And who can blame him.

serious n00b

Autism talks: Everything else walks
Dec 7, 2020
I think it's time we finally cancel Chris.
kf personal army req.png

Yamcha's Only Fan

Wolf Fang Whatever
Jan 17, 2017
Best case scenario for chris: prison. it'd be his last chance to grow the fuck up. Slim chance of that, but its possible.
But really? I'd like chris to be left with fucking nothing. No supporters, no internet, no asskissers, no one holding his hand, no one feeding his ego, no one giving him money. Nothing. People only grow when they need to adapt, and chris has been overly-comfortable for his entire life and thus never had to grow beyond the age of 6 in terms of morals or intelligence. I don't care if that's in an asylum, prison, or in the streets, I want karma to at last come knocking on chris's door, especially for that "you know, jobs? they aren't for me. they're for normal people" crack.

Android raptor

"an honest-to-God BPD womanchild misanthrope"
May 25, 2013
Gonna say mental institution, especially if my hunch about Barb grooming and abusing him is somehow proven correct. Even if Chris is just a disabled, severely mentally ill dude repeating the abusive behaviors taught to him by his parents (especially barb), he still clearly can't function and committing sex crimes makes him a danger to others.