What song(s) can't you stop listening to? - aka the How Do You Torment Your Family thread


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I loved this anime so much. It was so funny.
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My last ex hated this song. Apparently it's overplayed on the radio, which I find understandable. I fucking love it (for what exact reason I could not tell you)
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whenever I find a song I really like, I'll usually play it on repeat for a couple of days until I grow tired of it or something else comes along. this one has been that song; I listen to it for recreation, calming down, meditating, skating, everything.


I have a big yard and a riding mower. Cranking music and drinking beer while making the grass/weeds shorter is a thing.
This on repeat for like two hours.

My riding mower has a skull shift knob and aspeed ball on the steering wheel and I mow my yard diagonally like a baseball field/wheat field. Lots of high-speed half-inebriated hairpin turns. It works well.
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I've had a discography's-worth of songs get stuck in my head over the years. The worst of it was Orleans' Still the One. I'm not sure how many times I'd listened to it in a row, but after the usual period of time for me to get over a song passed, I still couldn't get it out of my head. This continued for three months. The song was in my head every waking moment that I wasn't doing anything else with it. I was having trouble falling asleep, because it was just too loud in my head. When most people come out of a REM cycle around 3AM, they lull back into sleep until their alarm goes off. For me, my brain immediately kicked in to the bridge, pulling me fully awake so I could hear it properly. I've never grown to hate the song. I don't think I'm allowed to. For a while after the affliction finally died down, I was pretty afraid to listen to it again for fear of the torture starting anew, but it seems okay. For now. Anyway, here's the song:


PL 001

If I'm giving someone a ride, i like playing this because it always gets people pissed at me for getting it stuck in their head for a week. Works for me because I actually enjoy the song.


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