What song(s) can't you stop listening to? - aka the How Do You Torment Your Family thread

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UQ 770

Cross posting this from the What Are You Listening To Now thread because I'm worried this video is lost other than me:

I'm convinced my family almost beat the shit out of me back in the day because of this song.

Here's a less depressing one so I don't nuke this thread with my bullshit:


AF 802

Who doesn't enjoy getting fucked up on drugs and have suicidal ideations? I love this song.


ScamL Likely

It's not suicide, it's Kiwifarms™
I wouldn't say it's the best song ever or anything, but something about the way it sounds makes me listen to it a lot. Maybe I just like to imagine it as a vaguely occultish feeling con-artist/self-help anthem.


I had a roommate that demanded I never play a single "song" by William Shatner as long as he was my roommmate. Since I liked him... I did manage to oblige, but I did play The Transformed man at least once a day up till that point.

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