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Freedom Fries

-ON amiN.O. energy preworkout
- 2 scoops ON Gold Standard whey in 16oz 1% cow juice post workout or twice daily (when I don't get 2 workouts in or on my rest day)
-5g creatine monohydrate with the first post workout protein shake of the day
-900mg epa/dha
-ON opti-men multivitamin full serving of 3
-emergen c + immunity packet with added vitamin d and zinc (this also helps cut down on my occasional acid reflux for some reason)

I didn't really mean to use so much ON stuff, but it was cheapish and easily available. If anyone has a nitpick with one I'd be fine to switch.

Damn dude. Have you considered just gritting up instead of trying to find shortcuts?

Seriously though, unless your income directly depends on professional body building, or throwing down in a cage, there's no real reason to use supplements. You're the only one who might notice a difference. Chicks won't care any more than we do about lipstick colors.

Bear in mind I'm an incompetent, yet smug, asshole.
Lifting abd working out is almost entirely personal for you, especially once you hit a certain size around 3/4 way through being a novice. I know your comment is a joke but it shows a total lack of understanding of the culture.

What are your thoughts about creatine? I want to try it to.. you know, train harder and grow more, but I am concerned about side effects. I was thinking in consume 3 gr per day for like a month and then stop 1 month and so on and so forth.
Perdectly safe everyone should take it. There's no need to cycle unless you're cutting for a beach trip or something in which case stop 3 or 4 weeks or so before the trip. Your thing about taking it for a month like that wouldn't even load you properly (when taking 5g a day it takes a month to load). Don't believe your boomer mom or whoever. The stuff has been studied and used extensively for over half a century. Just do 5g a day in perpetuity when you wake up or after your first workout of the day.

It isn't some miracle drug. You get out what you put in. It helps you push an extra rep or two, but more importantly for me I find it helps recovery btwn workouts.

I don't even lift, bro.

But I do take some supplements for my health. tard cum thistle for my liver, Vitamin D (shown low on blood work and connected to all manner of things that might be ailing you), Apple cider vinegar/cayenne capsule (digestion and weight loss, it works), and more recently, T injections because I'm an old fart with low levels. The boost to my overall mood has been well worth it.
You really should try it if you're getting t injections. You would be amazed at the knock on effects and strength training is extremely useful in keeping older people fully independent.
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I tried Maximuscle Lean Protein Powder and it tasted good, had 25g of protein per serving (servings were only like 37g of powder) but was low in carbs and fat. It also had caffeine in it. Doesn't last too long.

I then tried Maxinutrition extreme mass and size and it tasted bad, but had 40g of protein in it per serving (about 150g of powder or something like that) and has a lot of carbs and fat. No caffeine. One 1.5kg tub only lasts for 10 servings.

Both of those aren't too cheap but not too expensive either. I think for my next powder I'll try Serious Gainz powder from The Bulk Protein Company. It has 30g protein and a decent amount of carbs and fat. It's a 5kg tub and should last 40 servings so much better value.
Just a quick update, I'm on my second 5KG tub of Serious Gainz from The Bulk Protein Company and I think I will stick with that from now on. Great value, seeing some gains and it mixes well enough and tastes decent, especially compared to the other two I mentioned. I like the strawberry flavor.

Oskar Dirlewanger

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I will never disclose any good supplement for free, but I can assure every one of you that you are killing and/or chemically castrating yourself. Anyway adding beneficial stuff through supplementation is maybe 1% as impactful as removing harmful stuff consumed daily in massive quantitites due to shitty diet (primarily polyunsaturated fats giving you the metabolism of a 70 year old and endocrine disruptors making you a tranny).

Isaac Cox

Is there any real benefit to protein powder for people who don't body build as a profession, and even then? If I get protein from meat and other stuff why do I need to spend so much money on tubs of the stuff in powdered form? I try not to rely on supplements and get my macros/micros from food. I do take a daily multivitamin and zinc/magnesium on workout days.


Protein shakes and cocaine.

I've been using total war pre workout lately but in the past I used MR Hyde, both are really good. Other than that just the REDCON Isolate protein.


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i pop hair growth pillies every time i trim my hair. and they work

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