What tea/coffee are you drinking? -

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I usually drink Earl Grey. Basilur Masala Chai or Frosty Afternoon if I can find them.
Loose tastes better, bags are a lot more convenient.

I'm not too picky about coffee other than it should actually taste like something and not 120% bitter.

Store-brand whole bean "Costa Rican" coffee. Even cheap coffee can taste great if you grind it fresh every day.
IME most of the coffee you can find in stores is roasted to fuck, and that's what makes them taste bad. Should have no relation to price at all, at least in theory.


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I buy a local store brand whole beans medium roast that has a hint of pecan and cinnamon, it tastes pretty good freshly ground.


Regular black tea (Ahmad brand)
or some festive blends with bergamot/strawberry/currant and such.

Also recommend getting into willowherb/fireweed (Rus. иван-чай) tea for people with gastritis or just increased stomach acidity - it is milder than tea and has this taste of a blooming summer field; great when you can't drink regular black tea.
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the one on discount. there is a war going on in germany about coffee. you can find a big pack of a good brand for under 4€ every week-


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Any chocolate coffees, usually the New England version since they're cheap and always in stock on Amazon. Eight o' Clock Chocolate Mint coffee used to be my main thing, but I don't think they make it anymore.