What the most fucked up place your job brought you to? - From dark alleys to chest deep swamps

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Hello my fellow kiwis. I am curious to what messed up or completely bullshit places your job as brought you to. Working as a land surveyor in Florida has brought me to a few weird and unexpected places I never thought I would experience. For an example The job Im currently on consist of both a swamp and a correctional facility in the middle of nowhere. So if you're willing please share.

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There's a mall in my town that's been around since the 80s. Every store in it but one is closed now, the rest of it is, I shit you not, a ghost town. I work for that one store, just at a different branch. The amount of hood shit I had to put up with when I went there was of biblical proportions.


I was basically a repo man for furniture at one point. Televisions, sofas, etc. Me and this other dude would go to peoples homes and repossess furniture they failed to pay for. I don't remember the details, but I think people were basically renting the furniture? Either way, it was really sketchy. We would show up at their house, which was usually some crack-den tier shit in poorer neighborhoods, and tell them we have to take it back. If we didn't get it back, we'd get in trouble at work so we'd usually really press them to let us do it. On more than one occasion we all but barged through the front door and forced it out of their home. Most of the time we'd throw that shit in the back of our company moving vehicle and haul ass out of their. This wasn't even our main job, we were supposed to just be ground floor salesman. I quit once my back started going bad from speedily moving the heavy furniture.

TLDR: I went into strangers houses in poor neighborhoods and forcibly removed large pieces of furniture they failed to pay off.


A "mini storage" (old shed surrounded by razorwire) in Richmond CA down by the refinery. I asked the customer if they really thought it was a good idea for me to deliver there. They confirmed, yes. So I bumped that shit off as fast as I could and got the hell out of there before the zombies noticed me. It was a while ago so I think things changed. But at the time (~2005) it was a bombed out warzone. That was the sketchiest place I've ever been.


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Company I worked for in high school made signs and did general remodeling of retail stores. 84 Lumber hired us one summer, I went all over the US east of the Mississippi. Birmingham was the hottest, stickiest, shittiest place I've ever been. What really took the cake was 3 cops got ambushed and killed by a drug dealer they were trying to serve a warrant on when they busted in his kitchen door a few days after our crew got there. The nignogs Labor Ready sent us were lazy as fuck and sullen before, after they were ready for the race war to start. Especially when the guy in charge of our 3 man crew laid it down that they were getting sent home, weren't coming back, and weren't getting paid because all they did was sit on buckets in the 'break room' drinking soda. I thought we were gonna get our heads stomped in by these 10 dudes. Everything about Birmingham was sketchy shit.


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Walmart, in the shit hole that was LA. It was for overtime, and I was a fresh kid who needed cash. Got to watch a bunch of folks run off with merch, and eventually had to ID the ones stupid enough to get caught later on. I only did it once, but fuck, it gave me a really good reason to fucking hate LA.


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I once had a temporary job doing admin for the intensive care ward at a children’s hospital, followed by a month on reception in the same hospital’s neurosurgery department. Nothing makes you want to hug your loved ones like updating the records of the deceased.

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Yes, but enough about this forum.

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gypsy commieblock neighborhood
Aw damn.

I participated in a personal on-site inspection of some gyps committing unemployment gibs fraud. Inspect their living conditions, ask some questions, that sort of stuff.

Needless to say, it wasn't fun, and my general opinion of them didn't improve either.

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Delivered pizza for a bit when I was in college. Just having to go to some real sketchy neighborhoods sometimes. Probably the worst was this apartment complex that seemed like every single tenant was either some hood rat gangbanger or white trash welfare queen tweaker. Always worried if I was going to get jumped delivering there.

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