What to expect from the next 20 years? (2021 - 2040)


Dec 7, 2018
1. A transition to a multipolar world order is due. The US is no longer in a position to assert total world dominance anymore and the great powers have become distrustful of each other. The EU is centralizing, China and India both wish to assert a new Asian order and Russia is on the sidelines of both. The hyper power era is now given way to the great game again.
2. The division between the global elite and the middle classes of each nation will be addressed. Technological advances, the great training regimens of the elite and the culture of work in the world has drawn itself to the point where both the middle class and the technocratic elite both act to subvert each other. An overworked, globalistic and cynical labor aristocracy and bourgeoisie now stand at odds with a middle class which is nativist in temperament, nationalistic in its interests and forcibly dumbed down by their education. How this will play out from country to country as the poles shift is unclear but the transition will be painful.
3. Global warming will produce massive catastrophes and amazing opportunities worldwide and humanity will adapt to meet the challenge. Probably more positive than negative in all honesty.


Jul 29, 2020
Pax Americana will end, China will have not built up the requisite military power to enact a Peace of the Middle Kingdom, Piracy by African terrorists will escalate beyond the control of Russo-Chinese Navies and no one will have done the requisite groundwork to dismantle the Globalism that we rely on to do anything and that relies on the waters of the world being a safe place to ship goods. On top of the dramatic economic recession the world is about to enter into and the mounting strain on World diplomacy, the world will be made desperate and will strike out for any opportunity at security.

The European Migrant Crisis will lead into cataclysmic race riots that will wrack every European nation from West of Russia to Ireland, due to European governments permitting a continued slow drip of contempt to develop within all it's citizens, migrant-descended or native.

Communist China will either rot it out, lasting in a diminished state suckling on the bosom of moral and industrial corruption laid out by the USSR as well as making war with whatever nations may provide their people living space and resources, or will outright collapse as foreign meddling undermines the process of government and supports movements to destroy the authority of Beijing.

The North American Union will collapse under unbridled and unspeakable discontent, leading into civil war that will see militias, gang, cartels, jihads and extremist revolutionaries seize massive swathes of North America. Should one of these groups lie far enough north, the populated regions of Canada near the American Border, such as Alberta, will be claimed. A terrifying age of fiefdom will grip America. Countries relying on Pax Americana, such as Germany and South Korea, will eventually collapse under war from their rivals and global infrastructure set out by Pax Americana. A similar age of fiefdom may grip the UK, if the government doesn't complete its panopticon.

Russia will likely fair no better, with Putin gone a pozzed pro-immigration leader may take power or a despot that refuses to balance any need of the people with those of the oligarchs holding him in place. This individual might perform Xi-ist expansionism that sees them contend with China in earnest once more, but no guarantees.

India will either become as contemporary Russia or collapse under the strain of dead Pax Americana and war with China.

Australia will become a blasted hellscape devoid of vegetation as the Liberal Party keeps it's thumb firmly planted in it's arse over climate change and in particular deforestation. What isn't destroyed by natural disaster will be destroyed once the Chinese or other Pacific Nations try invade.

South America will deteriorate as all this gestates, as more deforestation occurs throughout the Amazon and more corrupt, impotent governments control the region. A similar age of fiefdoms might grip South America.

God only knows what's going to happen in Africa.

We are not going into a golden age. We are about to face down the collapse of civilisation, the Fall of Rome. The closest thing to hope that will come out of this time will be if European Nations emerge from this Second Great Dark Age and attempt to reclaim their lost empires or if the American Union is restored and conquers the world. We are all fucked.

Keep your head low and your powder dry. This will not be good.

EDIT: As of 3rd February 2021, even the MSN is already talking about the American Unspeakable Discontent.
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May 31, 2020
head computers
your parents will be dead
your pets will be dead
everything and everyone you cherish will be lost to time
your childhood home will become a den for addicts and deviants
if we're lucky, war will spare us the slow march towards eternal despair
you will be nostalgic for 2020
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Aug 7, 2017
Ok, I'll try.

Automation and AI will make millions of people unemployed. With nowhere to go, these people either learn to code become criminals or will learn to live below poverty line. The budget is going to get fucked to handle so many unemployment benefits.

I expect new diseases, because COVID-19 pandemic showed that we aren't able to do shit, globally or individually. What's worse is that population is going to grow, so another flu is going to have even better chances to stop the entire world for a year.

US is going to reap decades of self-induced white guilt. Niggers now know that they can riot and nobody will stop them, so expect more of this shit during the recession.

This year marked something very interesting - the glorified 0.5% are no longer as rich as the rest of the world. Now they are richer. Expect this shit to get worse.

The lockdown pushed everything towards remote use, like classes and some jobs. We'll see more of this in the future.

Internet will become even more sanitized. I know, "pushed to the small platforms", but what are the chances of their survival without payment processors and providers? 8chan was a mess, but do you remember how quickly it was taken down after some bullshit allegations? In the matter of days.

Finally, the postmodern condition will get much, much worse. We already have AI that can animate photos or transform speeches of the long gone people into Navy Seal Copypasta, deepfakes are getting better and better. Concepts, truths, words and their meanings are getting more and more twisted under instrumental reason, revision of history and political goals. With fake news and agendas of big tech reality will cease to be real. 21st century man will no longer be schizoid, he will be autistic.

Worse is yet to come.
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Aug 13, 2020
Having already had a taste, the knowledge workforce makes a permanent change to working from home. People move from the cities to the countryside where house prices are temporarily cheaper.

Inner-city businesses that depended on a strong inner-city footfall are unable to adapt and soon die. The landlords of the buildings that hosted those businesses are unable to find new tenants. Heavily leveraged under commercial mortgages, those landlords themselves go bust and the property ends back in the hands of banks.

Unable to find a buyer themselves, these buildings are boarded up. Slowly but surely, shops and businesses disappear.

Those who don't move are trapped by negative equity in a slowly decaying concrete and glass hell. The inner city violence of the 70s and the 80s returns. Driven by declining local tax revenues, the police force shrinks. Only the most serious crimes are investigated. Residents that remain must employ private security.

Gangs roam the streets and neighbourhoods become no-go areas. Any attempt to confront the gangs leads to riots and calls to defund police further.

Outside the wreckage of the big cities, investment in infrastructure grows. Funded by private interests, corporations take over towns and as new roads are built, they are privately owned.

Gentrification forces the previous residents out onto the outskirts of what they once called their home. Some move to the decaying cities, some move even further out and languish in obscurity.

City-dwellers develop their own distinct culture and don't mix with the members of these new towns.

Air polution in the city bercomes worse and visibility is reduced. To help navigate, the city dwellers adorn the wreckage of their home with neon lights, which are constantly powered. Eventually the smog thickens further and you can't tell the difference between night and day.

The banks that own the former dilapidated blocks come back to try to evict the squatters but they are defeated by the local militia.

It becomes fashionable to invest in nano-technology body mods.

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Aug 5, 2019
Just a few off the top of my head:
  • The complete collapse of the west with perhaps a brief fascist period
  • Subsequent reemergence of the eastern bloc and Chinese imperialism
  • Increasingly extreme weather patterns
  • Blue ocean event leading to the submersion of significant land mass
  • Someone will get nuked
  • The division of the internet into smaller networks with people running portals between each or using sneakernets to get data across networks
  • Mass starvation followed by a movement towards indoor farming
  • People making use of random plastic waste to make goods due to supplychain collapse


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Jul 25, 2016
I'll give it a try based on what I think will be most likely.
  • The concept of a lolcow will likely become a thing of the past and the behaviours that make one a cow get increasingly normalised by society.
  • Relations between men and women in the (western) civilised world will continue to sour and grow increasingly toxic and hostile. Especially men will continue to get disenfranchised as their traditional role of the woman's protector and provider gets increasingly usurped by the state and its welfare programs. Outside patriarchal communities expect MGTOWs/herbivores and incels to increasingly become the norm. Japan in that regard will remain a good barometer on what awaits the west in 10 to 20 years.
  • As a result, expect waifu technology to advance. While I doubt that by the 2040s we'll see YoRHa gynoids or Blade Runner replicants, we'll see some interesting things to come in terms of AI and VR. Of course, the usual suspects such as the feminist organisations, 3DPD thots and conservatives will REEE and the government will, as usual, give in to their tantrums which is why said technology will be developed in Asia.
  • Medical technology might advance to the point where obesity can get a quick medical treatment through pills and we might see some cool shit in the realms of prosthetics. On the other hand, I expect the general mental health of our societies to further deteriorate to the point where more pathologies have to be normalised because God forbid we actually solve problems!
  • I expect the technologies that Ghost in the Shell predicted for the 2030s not to be available until the end of the 21st or the beginning of the 22nd century (as sad as it is).
  • Speaking of technology and government intrusion, online anonymity will become a relic of the past. Not only will the west adapt its own version of the Chinese social credit score, but normies might resort to browse hacker and paedophile forums just to learn about basic bitch opsec.
  • Working office jobs from home will hopefully (also thanks to the Corona-hysteria) become the norm, especially once 5G Internet comes globally online. The Boomer logic of wanting to see you work in the office will by then become dead and discredited along with the Boomers themselves hopefully.
  • China will be a big game changer. The CCP might possibly become another United States and force its faggotry down everyone else's throat. Alternatively, if China collapses all of Asia will burn. However, if the CCP is gone/reformed and China turns from a de facto fascist state into a giant continent sized Singapore, then the future belongs to Asia.
  • Arabs and sub-Saharan Africans will increase in numbers in western Europe and with them the no-go zones, grooming gangs and occasional terrorist attacks as the Europeans refuse to integrate them. Instead of a race war, the western Europeans will gradually and silently hand over their countries to the Muslims to keep the welfare state going on. The eastern European countries on the other hand will remain irrelevant shitholes and see their populations dying off spectacularly. The EU itself will most likely gradually surrender more and more of its powers to the individual members states to prevent the union for tearing itself apart so that an EU membership becomes functionally meaningless.
  • Some sub-Saharan African nations might start to get their shit together if they copy Botswana and Rwanda (who in turn mimic the Singaporean model). That, combined with Chinese investment and colonisation, might work wonders.
  • The future of Russia entirely depends on who Putin's successor will be. If the next Russian dictator is someone who knows what the fuck he's doing like an Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, Trajan, Hadrian, Aurelian or Constantine, then Russia has a future. If not, then Russia is fucked from all dimensions known and unknown to man.
  • The West, which has already sacrificed its future for welfare, will - with the United States at the forefront - continue its descent to gradually de facto embrace communism because it stubbornly refuses to let go of the harmful sham religion that is equality; which will only get worse once Millennials get older and increasingly in positions of power (God help us all!). Not if, but when the United States collapses once the government inevitably runs out of money due to its unsustainable socio-economic policies, its by then long overdue death will send global economic shock waves and create social unrest that will make the 2008 crash and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter chimpouts look like a gentle yoni massage by comparison. How fucked other countries are depends how how much their economies are tied to the US-Dollar. My only hope is that from the ashes of the United States future generations will create governments and societies not based on ideology but on what actually works. It might happen until the 2040s or even later, depending on how long Uncle Sam can prolong the inevitable.
  • Non-retarded people might get the memo and start forming their own no-go zones before the United States resembles modern day Venezuela.
  • We may actually live to see Half Life 3 becoming a reality. If it will be worth the wait or another Duke Nukem Forever fiasco, I don't know.
  • If I'm still alive I will still be bitching and moaning about not getting a sequel or a remake of Oni.
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Aug 13, 2020
Speaking of technology and government intrusion, online anonymity will become a relic of the past. Not only will the west adapt its own version of the Chinese social credit score, but normies might resort to browse hacker and paedophile forums just to learn about basic bitch opsec.
Agreed. While you're at it, pick a few options a la carte from this list of horrors:
  • VPNs become illegal because "if you've got nothing to hide you've got to fear"
  • Running tor exit nodes becomes illegal because "only criminals use tor"
  • TLS 1.3 with encrypted SNI isn't illegal but is blocked everywhere
  • DNS over HTTPS becomes blocked or throttled everywhere (prevents against terrorism)
  • You have to get a license to run a website (in case it is used for hateful content)
  • All websites require an age rating "to protect the children"
  • To browse to a new domain name you need to sign in with your "government gateway" account to have your ISP allow it through
  • Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc are allowed through by default (after all, they are the good guys)
  • An extension is added to ipv6 to contain subscriber information
  • A service can encrypt your data but must also envelope encrypt against a master key
All the above has happened somewhere, but when it's evenly distributed it'll be the end of shitposting as we know it.

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Apr 2, 2018
I've noticed that whenever people have attempted to predict the future lately, they have nothing but negative projections. I think that says a lot about the state of our present time, or at the very least, many people's estimations of it.

I don't think anyone can truly predict the future, although here are some things I do foresee:
  • The current pandemic will cause many office-based businesses to see the benefits of working from home, along with the waste associated with unnecessarily leasing large, expensive office space. Unfortunately, this will also accelerate outsourcing, since remote working will make it much easier for these companies to hire abroad where the wages are much cheaper.
  • Artificial intelligence will cause millions of people to lose their jobs, and society will be faced with many difficult questions about what to do about the resulting rise in unemployment. This will result in both market-driven changes: in the form of more generous share-options for low to middle income people, and government-driven changes: likely in the form of some kind of universal basic income.
  • Mass unemployment due to automation will accelerate the financialization of the economy. No longer able to compete for jobs (which have now been automated), ordinary people will increasingly have to compete for shares instead. The number of people owning shares will increase tremendously, as will the number of people working in the financial sector. Low-skilled manufacturing jobs, meanwhile, will almost certainly be gone for good.
  • Globalization will slow down, and possibly reverse, as automation will ultimately make it cheaper for companies to shorten supply lines and keep production local. Wages will no longer be much of a consideration, as factories will now be mostly automated.
  • Bioterrorism will become an increasing security concern, as the ability to create genetically engineered viruses will only become easier. Home gene-editing kits will likely make it onto the black market, and governments will be faced with a lot of difficulty in attempting to regulate their proliferation.
  • In vitro gametogenesis will be made available to the public, allowing just about anybody to reproduce with anybody else. Conservatives and religious figures will offer some impotent objections, but the technology will ultimately become the norm, and we'll start seeing lots of new kinds of family structures: like polyamory, and single parent mother/father hybrids. This will also likely result in lots of new lolcows.
I'm not even going to attempt to predict the political changes, since they're potentially far more volatile, although in a way, they're also far less interesting. Politics is just about always downstream from economic and technological changes.

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Sep 23, 2020
Internet will become even more sanitized. I know, "pushed to the small platforms", but what are the chances of their survival without payment processors and providers? 8chan was a mess, but do you remember how quickly it was taken down after some bullshit allegations? In the matter of days.

So how has Kiwifarms been able to stay up for so long?


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Apr 27, 2017
  • As fertility rates are decreasing everywhere, crime will decrease too. More empty space to build planned towns and other things.
  • If Universal Basic Income becomes a thing, people will have more time to live and do stuff they like. Thus, diseases like obesity, depression and burnout will decrease.
  • Digital nomads and "digital nomad visas". It's already happening, actually.
  • I'm not sure what to think about politics, but I wonder if globalization will affect tourism, as every place in the world looks the same nowadays (including demographics):
  • Maybe there will be an architectural revival to save tourism.
  • As some places in Africa improve (well, for African standards), many Africans will prefer moving there than to risk their lives in Mediterranean Sea. Leaving family and friends to migrate with no guarantees of success is not easy.
  • Not only religious people, but SJWs will whine about genetic engineering too, because many people will order (gasp!) white babies. Even nowadays, lots of Asian and Latin women are purchasing white men sperm, so "white genocide" is very unlikely.
  • Lots of apocalypse predictions (including environment) will be revealed to be BS.
  • Spanish and English will share the status of "global lingua franca",