What to expect from the next 20 years? (2021 - 2040)

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Aug 7, 2017
So how has Kiwifarms been able to stay up for so long?
Ask Null, I don't remember the entire thing, except the part that it costs more. He also can't use payment processors for direct support of the site. When he tried that with Patreon and Hatreon they booted him every time.

Working office jobs from home will hopefully (also thanks to the Corona-hysteria) become the norm, especially once 5G Internet comes globally online.
Can you imagine how many socially inept people this is going to create combined with distance learning? Damn, you may be more on point than you think with "cows are going to become norm". But I disagree with the topic of death fats. We now have enough methods to help people to lose weight and it doesn't help. It has to be litteral magic that makes the calories from your meals go into another dimension and even then it probably won't be enough.
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Jun 2, 2019
Think about how, right now, people willingly take selfies and upload them on various social media platforms. They also use filters and upload videos too, all of this is essentially giving the government free data to train facial recognition software. This doesn't seem like a big deal, especially to the younger generation, but it will end up biting many people in the ass 20 years down the road. Why? Well:

1. Facial recognition software has gotten scarily good, and will continue to get better in 20 years. If you upload embarrassing nude photos of yourself right now, in 10-20 years someone could take a recent photo of you and end up discovering your nudes when the software matches your recent photo to your younger nudes. And don't think that the software won't be able to find you because you were younger or had a different hairstyle or makeup. As I said, it's gotten very good. Age progression software has also improved and will also continue to get better, so combine that with facial recognition software means that your photos can and will be found no matter what you looked like when you took those embarrassing photos. The only thing that seems to fuck up this technology is using low quality photographs. Which brings us to the next problem...

2. Shitty phone cameras won't exist anymore. Even if you buy the cheapest phone, it will have a camera that takes high quality photographs so facial recognition software will always have enough data to find you. I have read some articles where people suggest wearing masks or certain makeup patterns that mess with the software, but again, in 20 years those tricks won't work. If it can't find you by facial features, it will find you by other features, like posture, gait, moles/birthmarks, tattoos, how you smile, locations in the background, etc. I suppose people who care about privacy could start taking Polaroid photos or just never take photos ever again, but even then, there's another problem....

3. Cameras and video surveillance are becoming cheaper and higher quality. Right now it's hard to find a place that doesn't have stop light cameras, and businesses are using higher quality cameras as well. Right now you can hop on amazon and get security video cameras for your home for a couple hundred bucks. Oh yeah, what about those doorbell cameras? Amazon is pushing their Ring camera hard and it's cheap too. The cameras are getting better, smaller, and cheaper. Now imagine how it will be in 20 years? It won't matter if you never upload photos of yourself, cameras will be everywhere. Good luck trying to go anywhere without being on camera.

4. Another fun problem we're going to be dealing with is Deep Fakes. Think of the ramifications of this. Eventually, there is going to be some video of some politician doing something they shouldn't. But, later we will learn that the video isn't real. It will be a deep fake. Once the first high profile politician does this, it will open the door to where no one will ever be able to trust video evidence. Any time someone sees a video of their politician smoking crack or banging a hooker, all that person has to do is claim that it's a deep fake video. Even if someone can prove that it's a real video, it won't matter, there will be enough doubt that lots of people will think it's fake. Deep fakes will be used to destroy reputations of people the government hates, and they will be used as a scapegoat when powerful people are caught breaking the law.

5. Good luck trying to discover the truth about anything in 20 years. In addition to never being able to trust pictures, audio, and video evidence, you won't even be able to trust the people you are talking to. Bots will become good enough that you could think you're arguing with a person but in fact you are arguing with bots. Example, let's say you come on KiwiFarms to argue about a video of Selena Gomez snorting cocaine. You come on here with your autism, ready to explain why that video is real and not a deep fake as Selena's PR team claimed. However, there are lots of kiwis that argue it's totally fake. You waste time trying to argue why it's real, but it's no use, 20 kiwis are telling you it's fake and now you're having some doubts. Eventually you give up and accept maybe it is a deep fake. Little did you know, most of those kiwis were just bots. Political campaigns already use bots on reddit to argue and spam campaign approved talking points, so just imagine how bad it will be in 20 years.

TL;DR: Big Brother and bots will rule the world.


Jan 15, 2020
AI becomes indistinguishable from human intelligence so companies use them to do every possible job. The mass layoffs lead to the introduction of universal basic income because the only alternative is millions of people starving to death.

CRISPR combined with nanotechnology is able to reverse aging, leading to effective immortality. To prevent a population explosion, you can only get the immortality operation if you agree to be sterilised as well. The sterility can be reversed in the future at the will of the government in case widespread disaster or disease reduces the population so much that we have to start breeding again.


Dec 17, 2019

Actual answer:
* The most likely thing is that we'll finally get that pendulum swing to the right in media (even if it would be clearly done against the wishes of the creators). Expect leftists demanding censorship and framing it as the religeous right wanting it.
* Things will kinda be the same economically because any massive economic problem in a first world country will be solved by that country printing money.
* There won't be any revolution because both political extremes are huge autistic faggots that can't lead shit, plus slacktivism being the main method of activists.
* A new climate change model will be announced about how CO2 causing less sunlight to come in and thus the world is getting colder. The solution is eating bugs and giving Chinese firms billions of dollars for material to solar plants who have a fraction of the voltage.
* China will probably get fucked in some massive way but will pull through over the corpses of millions of Chinese. no one will complain in the west.


Aug 25, 2020
The normalcy of pedophilia will be widespread, I've seen it already happen as I was growing up. Women will hit the wall at a younger age, and you'll see younger girls in fashion and multimedia more often, especially with Instagram and TikTok. Weird age gaps are already open-secrets on the west coast and will become more publicly acceptable and legal.


May 17, 2020
A lot of doomer mentality here.
Honestly, while the next few years will not be perfect, I am expecting things to get better.

1) Trump will win the election, which will cause many things to occur. The first will be a likely last gasp for air from the woke left before they now succumb to their new lord. Trump is the antithesis to the woke, him winning again would solidify republican dominance in the culture and finally moves us away from woke ideology, just like Clinton propelled us away from the religious. The issue will be that multiple people will have TDS afterwards, so expect a higher amount of losers from the bi-gone era that will larp around. I would not be surprised if we repeat history and get a Dem in power next as a repeat of the religious right getting Dubya. Part of me still believes the RNC will own the 20s decade though as the Dems are in such disarray and division that this loss may completely split the party till 28. Bernie’s group of wokes will try and fail to lead anything, officially killing Bernie’s influence. Dems will likely be the populace pick in 10-20 years as the RNC will crash having too much power and influence after a while.

2) Hollywood will burn. I am fully expecting another Weinstein if Trump gets re-elected. With two powerhouses down, along with multiple small ones, the Hollywood structure as we know it will fundamentally change. Hopefully huge abuses towards women and minorities becomes lesser as the big dogs are finally being held accountable for their mal-practice. Men will hopefully also regain some social standing in the event of false accusations as I believe Johnny Depp and Brett have heightened the discussion about how women can be just as toxic and abusive as men. With woke finally being dead, there will likely be nothing to save these vial women.
The industry will also move more Republican/Libertarian. I think we will still see huge leaps for minority representation, but it will be more organic like Miles Spider-Man in Spider-verse rather than minority that screams “orange man bad“ and nothing else. Expect more Crash 4 Tawna, less Captain Marvel so to speak. People still want strong females, but they will not annoyingly undermine men and will have actual flaws and some semblance of humanity. With things like Metroid, Spider-Gwen, Nier, anime, etc. getting popular, I believe they will set a path for future female characters. As for minorities, likely more are gonna be inline with Miles or Black Panther. Gays will also be more present in media due to further acceptance.
As for films and tv, I believe we are due for a comeback of things from 90s - 2012. Media will get more crude as a result, because the 2000s was the height of popular shoes such as South Park and Family Guy. Avatar, Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, Invader Zim, and SpongeBob have all had comebacks recently, so expect animation to go in their direction. Animation will also be offensive again seeing as Hazbin Hotel is likely to be a hit. Anime will make a comeback because 2000s and Americans are done with woke. Video games will become more varied than ever as platformers, rpgs, FPS, survival games (Minecraft), and more are now all popular again.

3) Trump will likely remove much of the American buisnesses from China if his crowd does not kill them first. This will primarily effect entertainment as companies such as the NBA will likely start getting cut off from China.

4) A war on Silicon Valley will erupt at some point this decade. Frustrations with big tech are becoming more apparent, so much of the 2020 discussion will be on them and the ethics of their programs. Expect Twitter to get hit big, along with Google for censorship. There will also likely be a push away from the internet social media platforms given how absolutely toxic they have become. Streaming services are bound to fail given the fact that they are essentially becoming a more unprofitable cable now that there are more then 2. This will then lead back to cable and dvds becoming the norm again. This affect also applies to gaming as there is no way I can see us going all digital, and music as well due to the monopoly of Spotify and how it abuses creators. The internet will likely go back to the somewhat limited use of early 2010s, giving way to more competition for FB and Twitter again, maybe even YouTube.
Also should mention, I believe the smart home products are going to die off as well. Alexa, Ring, they are all just fads that are getting increasingly more concerning by the minute in how they record you.

There is probably more, but I think that is a good list for now.

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Sep 26, 2020
Higher unemployment, the possibly of a new cold war with China or WW3. The government cracking down on freedom. The decline of wages across many fields. The rise of robots taking our jobs. Massive unemployment, poverty, and famine seen in unprecedented levels since the Great Depression.

I can tell you that a lot of people will be mad as hell.


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Sep 29, 2020
Global Climate Change starts to take it's toll and people start panicking when lands low to the sea level start filling and flooding with water. Politicians will suck their thumbs and do things at the last minute causing more damage than there needed to be meaning that many will seek refuge somewhere else and this trend will continue more and more in the future after 20 years.

Another Paedophile Ring scandal in the likes of the Rich and Government Officials gets discovered and all evidence is wiped by "Accident" by authorities and someone is going to be the sacrificial lamb.

Cancer still hasn't been cured but other life-threatening diseases/conditions may be dealt with. Meanwhile another Pandemic hits and everyone fucks it up again causing more economical damage and loss of life. My bet it's either China, India, South America or Africa that it originates from.

UK may cease to exist and now has Scotland & England as separate sovereign nations again. Not sure how that would be done either through democratically or through civil disobedience or terrorist actions. Depends on how Brexit shapes itself and the lasting effects.

A lot of old famous people and Music/Movie/Gaming/Comedy/TV show legends die and many will be sad as a result as per the course of life.

Windows will release another Operating System that is hated by many and people will talk about how Windows 10 wasn't really that bad as a result.

Lots of websites we know may change or cease to function due to stopping support for various things in the same vain as Flash.

A lot of Lolcows will fade or die while others replace the dead ones but Kiwi Farms may not be around to document and laugh at them. However, autism is a disease and another community will take it's place with their own strain of autism.


Oct 5, 2020
With current direction, if nothing really changes.

Basically Europeans die out. Africa, China and India will ruin what's left of the enviroment.
The US and China will duke it out in a "small world war" aka a series of proxy wars going on in Africa, Central Asia and South America.
Whoever wins it doesn't matter because they are the same consumerist entity and culture anyways.
Personal liberty, small private property and privacy will be a thing of the past.
Suicide rates will rise because people will be more alienated and twisted by the "society" they are forced to live in.

Good stuff, worth laughing at a like a jackal but keep a gun close to quit the game when it comes for you.

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Jun 3, 2018
So Rapture and Gog-Magog war, rise of the Antichrist, 7 years of tribulation, battle of Armageddon, Christ returns with saints?

Yep, you bet! The only thing I'm not sure about is when the rapture will happen. I pray that it happens before the great tribulation, but I'm preparing for the opposite, if unfortunately, that's what ends up happening.


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Mar 29, 2014
I pray that it happens before the great tribulation
I read this book about the end times, and the author argues that in every "judgement disaster", the righteous were evacuated before, so the church would be removed before the tribulation.

If Revelations turns out literally true, at least it means this dark, broken, almost hopeless world won't be this way for long.

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Jun 18, 2019
My big prediction is thus, a second Cold War between the US and China.

US society will get it's groove back, now that we'll have a common enemy again we'll stop fighting each other so much, there'll be a huge wave of patriotism across the country, movies and music will get good again.

But it'll be a new era of nuclear brinkmanship and this time it may not end so lucky as the first Cold War did.