What Triggers YOU The Most About Amber? - The Thread Where A Single Person Can Produce 22 Pages Of Triggered People


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Look haydurrrr, she was on the dance team in high school. At least I think that was one of her lahhhsss at one time. I'm not entirely sure how one makes the dance team at 300 elbees, but I could be wrong.
Incorrect, haydur. She was the interstate champion soccer choreographer.

I initially mistyped that as "intestate" because I can see into the future!
You've got to keep in mind, though, that a diagnosis like BED or any addiction isn't why the person binges or abuses substances. It's not an excuse for the behavior, it's merely an explanation of their behavior. I'm not sure how to write it in a clearer way (because I realize that's not the best way to describe it); basically you develop BED through behaviors and constant choices to overindulge and soothe yourself through food, to the point where neural pathways are established in your brain that override your physical limitations and you end up constantly binging until you're ill. You fuck yourself over, essentially. You don't first have BED and binge because of that. She's just lazy, doesn't move, and has nothing to do with her life other than eat. That's why she's so fat.

That's why it also annoys me that she uses her Google searches as excuses. But what gets me the most is what I mentioned in another thread: she keeps trying to use ignorance as an excuse. If she gets caught or called out for doing something, she lies and claims she didn't know what she was doing as though it exonerates her of anything. It doesn't. She thinks that she's a master manipulator because all it takes for her to get what she wants is just to throw out a few tears and say, "I didn't know," but that's literally toddler level manipulation and everyone can see through it.

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*hoping nobody mentioned this already* Having the displeasure of going through her more interesting Destiny-era videos, I’ve realized she has said in almost EVERY ONE of her 1.7k videos, “The lighteen is rough today” “This lighteen is really bad” “omg the lighteen” GORL

YOU look bad.

Leave it to a narcissist to blame the sun for making them look bad. Jesus christ im triggered
If Amber lost weight the videos would be slightly tolerable (Ignoring every other flaw for a moment). I can't look at the unsightly shape of her head for more than one second.

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Look haydurrrr, she was on the dance team in high school. At least I think that was one of her lahhhsss at one time. I'm not entirely sure how one makes the dance team at 300 elbees, but I could be wrong.
No way was Amber on the dance team. Dance is incredibly hard and takes a lot of coordination and light-footedness as well as a decent ability to focus and pick up choreography quickly. Hamber thinks we'll believe this lah because she can shake her fat shelf ass with very little effort, making it look like a plate of jello covered with a dirty rag. Newsflash: it's because you're fat, not because you're good at dancing.

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I don't know if she has binge eating disorder or not, but I feel like people are only entitled to get the sympathy (or respect?) of having a disease if they treat it like one. If she went to like overeaters anonymous meetings daily and therapy/group therapy regularly, and was on medications for binge eating (or just binge behavior) and still had periods of falling off the wagon all the time because that's the nature of addiction, but still going to group therapy and whatever, then I could be like ok, binge eating, whatever. But it's like an alcoholic or someone severely bipolar just using the title to excuse their behavior without doing a single thing about their problem, then no, I can't respect it as a legitimate excuse.

In other news, what triggers me most is the lip smacking and weird moments when she just makes various dumb expressions. No, that's not true, what triggers me most is her preening in the reflection of her camera. That makes me sort of stabby.

<--- I know what it's like to have an illness you have no control over, and this kind of shit drives me up the wall. Anyone who acts like you are helpless and have no control might as well be treating you like a dog, and is more likely to lock you up than treat you with respect

The best way I've heard to describe it is "it's not your fault, but it is your responsibility". I know what it's like you have an easy excuse for anything you do, and I know the pathetic lack of self respect someone has if they feed into that. She might have a binge eating disorder, but she sure as hell doesnt have a fucking back bone


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Amber’s rotting teeth annoy me. Based on her habits, I expect more teeth to fall out. I would not be surprised if in 5 years (if she’s still alive) that her teeth end up looking like Boogie’s pre veneers.


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Here are some things that I used to find triggering, but I now find funny:

Her constant attempt to play both tragic victimlynn (cue monochrome Pierrot snapchat filter with crying eyes jarringly imposed onto her giant cheesewheel face) and sassylynn (anything on IG). Amber doesn't do the whole "introspection" thing type situation type deal type thing, but sometimes she feels a little sorry for herself, possibly because she's a 600lb trainwreck joke whose One True Love left her for a refrigerator in a wig named Dana, but after successfully distracting herself from this with a 4000 calorie meal and asspats from dumbfuck social media normies, our tragic heroine becomes suffused with effulgent sass, doling out conflagrations of incoherent comebacks and crylaugh emojis like an avenging angel among the damned.

Her fixation on Miley Cyrus. This at first struck me as narcissuslynn thinking she was somehow in Miley Cyrus' league, but upon further reflection, Miley Cyrus is a pile of medical waste and leftover dumpster pickings that a cruel enchantress brought to life, and call me a romantic but if she were 300lbs heavier and Amber were 300lbs lighter I think they'd fill a fetid shack with sweet lesbo love, at least until Amber dies in two years from runaway beetus,

Her mistreatment of Becky: we all know Becky was nothing but accomodation and a chauffeuse for Her Royal Daintiness, and so like many others I pitied this (obviously legally rètarded) little Thumb Slug at first blush. However, I now almost believe it's Amber who's being gamed here: Beetus and Butthead are not a happy couple, but it's Amber who has to bring the coin in. All Thumby Dearest ever need do is bring a few barrowfulls of takeaway food into the Yeast Den every day and she gets to live high with the hog!

The fact that Amber's affected accent is a hideous chimaera of Meth Baby Trailer Trash, Cousin'-Lovin' Country Gal, and Danity Femme Valley Gorl: nope, this still triggers me, nevermind.


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This has probably already been said 100 times, but I really hate her celebrating over losing a single lb. At her side the lbs should be dropping off her if she ate reasonably, and I don't think she realises that 1lb is only 1/400th of what she needs to lose.
A single poo at her size with how much she has to eat has gotta be at least 10-15lbs. Most normal people fluctuate at least 2lbs a day.


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I know I’ve said this before, but her pedantry is the most triggering thing to me.

She bends like Keanu in the Matrix to find all the loopholes in anything and everything. Especially for her answers to Q&As. Always with the pedantry. And she acts all “haha, gotchu, haydurz!” when she finds a loophole while answering a haydur question.

Also the fact that she thinks people are truly hurt or affected by her actions? She’s the one who has eaten herself immobile and deal with the aches, pain, depression, regret, sadness and whatever else. It’s not us that have to live with you 24/7. No wonder she’s always having pity parties. But still, annoying as fuck.


Examples of her pedantry and “getting it over on the haydurz” from tonight’s q&a:



And so many more just like that. “I didn’t mean it that way, I used the wrong word, etc etc”

Words have meaning, gorl. Your intentions are crystal clear when you vaguely suicide bait. She’s amazing at mental gymnastics and backpedaling.

She’s also trying to use the “deep, misunderstood poet” to try and pretend what she said meant something different.

Also her faux bubbly personality is loathsome. Loveandlightlynn is triggering af to me.
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