Orbiter What Triggers YOU The Most About Amber? - The Thread Where A Single Person Can Produce 17 Pages Of Triggered People

Super Colon Blow

Does she have big thingies?
The friggin big mouth bites she takes.
Her wonky eyes that truly look dead. (As another poster mentioned).
The faces she makes.
How she thinks she's beautiful when she just looks like a deformed freak. No amount of makeup can help her ugly ass.

I just discovered this lardass liar a couple of months ago. I've been a lurker here for awhile. It didn't take long to see how manipulative she is.
Oh yes, the pointy eyeliner that's applied higher than the outer edges of her eyes. That looks so stupid.


I think she stopped that because ZM made it a whole thing in his videos for a while.
You can still occasionally peep a chin dab, but she keeps that shit under control now. Her new tic is apparently the excessive use of the word "situation" and lip smacking. Frankly, I miss the chin dab.
I know many people who take this and none of them complain of drowsiness.
Are any of them in excess of 600 elbees? My guess is that pure, uncut coke wouldn't make someone that large energetic.



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@TwinkoStorr gtabbed this screenshot from the “getting a new dog” video and oof.
Neglect and mistreat your own body all you want, but take care of Twinkie’s damn nails.
That's fucking ridiculous. I just want to point out that at Twinkie's size, meaning her weight, it would make scurrying around on those things much more painful and more likely to cause arthritis because of the way her little wrists and toes would have to work around them.

Fucking hell, Hamber. The gays' dogs seem to be taken care of. Whether they clip their own dogs nails or take them to the vet, ask them to help!! Ask them to take Twinkie next time they take their dogs to the vet. Fuck, get your fucking useless butler to do it. You folks do fuck all every single day, clipping nails takes 5 minutes at most.

Beachy Peachy Keen

Shut up baby, I know it!
As it is for everyone, the "sitchyashun" over usage is well up there on the ALR Irritant Scale. And the goddamn "een" suffix she loves so much.

I really want to know what she would say if asked to pronounce "ing" or to define situation. (I'm not encouraging cow-tipping with that statement, just in case.)

Also the way that she will do something silly to seem quirky and cute, like a dance or a funny voice, and she always stops it early and goes "OMG I'm soooo weird you guuuuuys!" Like when she was doing that robot voice with Twinkie the other day. Someone who is actually weird like that doesn't think to point it out about themselves.

The 8 of Spades

I Cheated Death, I Suggest You Do The Very Same
True & Honest Fan
The flagrant disregard and waste of a body and life that someone else could have had. Not mad, just sad.
That's really the thing isn't it? I've known a lot of good people who tried really hard to take care of themselves throughout life and just got fucked left and right with health issues, some died and some suffer that shit daily. Meanwhile Amber just rides into the sunset treating her body like a $1000 beater car you pick up to get you to the corner grocery store and just keeps barreling along like nothing's wrong.

I know it'll all catch up eventually, but it's just so strange to see.


I've got more demons where that came from.
True & Honest Fan
Her fail attempts at humblebragging "people said I am like the most giveeen person and Im like whuuuut?"
Her loud laughing when she is around someone new and thinks everything they say and do is hilarious!
Talks too loud to gain attention then cries how she doesnt want attention
Her bullshit excuses to dine out
Her celebrating the "months" in her new relationships as an excuse to shop/eat

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