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Buckle the Fuck Up Slut, We're Geting Shitfaced.
What got me about the water bs was when she said "I need water that is 8 or higher ph balanced". Totally obvious she didn't know what she was talking about but promised her audience that they, too, could cure their "water brash" by drinking overpriced water. Jesus, Al's water sagas could have a thread by themselves!

Every once in awhile, I try to be :optimistic: with Amber but a quick google search about "water brash" had my eyes rolled to the back of my head when she was talking about that water. Water brash is associated with GERD. Which Becky supposedly has. Do what your girl is doing, why are you acting brand new right now?

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Tbh I think her pure stupidity is what triggers me the most. She thinks she's so smart and such a clever liar and she is a smug beast when she goes full gaslightlynn on her audience while she is telling lies to try and convince everyone that her previous lies weren't lies either. People are just twisting things to fit their narrative, it's absolutely not the other way around. No projecting going on.


Gosh, where to start about Hambone being triggering...??

First and foremost I get triggered when she says "For me," or "that's what works for me." First of all, she's not a doctor, dietician or any kind of professional. Secondly, it's more than evident nothing has worked for her because she's over 500lbs... still, and has had countless medical issues whilst trying to be "healthy."

I also get triggered and irrationally angry when Ambeast makes her pathetic duck lips at the camera whilst checking herself out in the viewfinder. Doing this whilst claiming she thinks she's ugly, doesn't like herself etc... It's beyond infuriating because the evidence is right there that she clearly loves looking at herself and thinks she's "hot shit."

Lastly, when Jabba takes a bite of something and her eyes grow HUGE. I genuinely find this disturbing. She claims food gives her no enjoyment, that it doesn't create a high or a sexual rush... But the sheer joy in those huge eyes doesn't lie.


When she starts jumping or dancing or whatever the fuck is happening, and she looks like someone in an inflatable Stay Puft costume. Except you know that is 100% Amber.

Also, the fact that she makes me afraid to buy things from the store in the fear some greasy beast with meat sweats rubbed their stank all over the items (thankfully, fresh fruits and vegetables are safe).

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hamood's got talent arabic ringtone
The dancing always gives me giant toddler vibes. The pile-of-dogshit bun, which is always centered directly on top of her skull and wrapped with a gigantic scrunchie, paired with her lymphedema-choked massive toddler bod and her colorless, featureless moonface really does it for me. Add the dancing which usually consists of stomping around like a hippo and clapping or attempting to move her hips it is just fucking terrifying. I feel like she is a giant human baby that’s going to flatten New York City with a single swing of the leg in some C-list action movie.

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The dancing always gives me giant toddler vibes. The pile-of-dogshit bun, which is always centered directly on top of her skull and wrapped with a gigantic scrunchie, paired with her lymphedema-choked massive toddler bod and her colorless, featureless moonface really does it for me.
I wish she would wear that huge bow again. It really completed the look.


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The way shes hoarding food during this pandemic while others who have to actually get out and work can't find the necessities- because of people like her panic buying.
Can't even find a damn loaf of bread where I'm at. Definitely forget toilet paper, bleach and hand sanitizer. All because of hippos like her.
She could go without eating for months and be fine.
I'd put her damn shelf ass in a room and give her water only.


That unlike other lolcows, she is actually quite aware of herself and is successful at milking herself.

That and she doesn't have excuse of mental disease to get around.
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Cut me some slack. No reason why, just do it.
I really can't stand how basic she is. When I watch her haul videos it drives me up the wall! She buys the most basic vapid crap that will just end up unused in a landfill. That's if it even ends up in a landfill, and not shoved into a closet somewhere waiting to be joined by the next 20 coffee cups that say some shit like 'adulting is hard'


Oh boy. I learned quite a lot about her in the last week.

The lies about Casey and their relationship plus the violence and rape accusations. It is a he said she said situation, but we all know DishonestLynn. And her general disregard towards Casey's transition.
She isn't thankful for anything in her life and it shows. (mainly referring to the Crystal era, where she was pretty much homeless, but her then-girlfriend's parents took her in and allegedly gave her money. Pure entitlement.)
Despite being a native speaker, she butchers the English language on the regular.
Her hair is so greasy that her rat ponytails barely move when she spins in her tiktok videos.
And her arms. Oh my god her arms. They look like goddamn prosciutto legs.

Salad Dodger

How she oscilates between "doncha wish ur gf was hot like me" to "Nobody understands how deep my deep feels go" when she's being all unwashed and introspective.

She's legit stupid but she plays dumber like it's cute. Nothing about her is likeable. She could lose 350 elle bees and still be ugly.

Her grotesque permeates out of her pores. Like a 3 pack a day for 50 years smoker; a quick brush of the teeth won't stop the stink from wafting up.

She lahs. She manipulates. She is physically dirty and you can just tell she smells very bad. Even in winter that blubber would be a sweaty mess. She touches everything with her pork pads and sausage fingers. She's selfish and self absorbed and would be a shitty friend.

Most of all she gives me the shits because she won't drop trou-- and show her laygs. Bitch teases with a deformed broken arch flat fat foot with gnarly toenails that Becky has to chew off. I rarely get a mongy ankle that looks like a lifevest. I want laygs. Show me the money Hamber.

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