What Triggers YOU The Most About Amber? - The Thread Where A Single Person Can Produce 22 Pages Of Triggered People

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What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub?
normies use the shitty things she's done as a "real" reason to hate her when they really just hate her because she's a fat whale with a higher yearly income than most haydurs will ever see that she earns by being fat on the internet. she gets comments like "i work 20 hours a day to not even be able to pay my rent and this bitch makes 6 figures for eating rotisserie chicken REEEE" on every video
I get this at first blush but I'm surprised that her income gets so much hate. We know she isn't investing in her business' assets or sitting down with an accountant to maximize deductions every quarter, so she needs to pay 40% self-employment taxes. If she makes $125K per year, she takes home $75K with no benefits and in exchange:

she's going to die weighing roughly a quarter of a ton with no one who actually cares about her. so i don't think anyone needs to get their blood pressure up over her.

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The way she complains that other youtubers are worse than her but they're skinny and pretty so people just really hate her cuz she's fat.
She compares herself to successful content creators and has such a huge ego that she not only demands the same respect and accolades as those "other youtubers" get while churning out stale, lazy and boring content but she also will troll and click bait her own super morbidly obese ass in the thumbnails and then stomp and pout because "if I was skinny you would all love me!"

Bitch has major tickets on herself that it's a bit interesting to wonder how gigantic her ego would inflate to if she did actually manage to shrink herself from a quarter ton to a normal weight.
But yeah, it's mainly the expectation of success and applause while she slowly rots herself from the inside out that triggers me the most about her.

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Her girlfriend's mom is dying of cancer...

so she has that girlfriend clean up her snail trail of bloody vaginal barf after she let her uterus fill to capacity with thick tissue that shes too fucking fat to expel properly. That girlfriend has to wipe her ass and clean her wounds. Not sure if she or the boys had to clean the mess she left in the boys' bathroom.



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I hate that she touches everything she sees in a store like a four year old. At least I can gently tell a four year old why its wrong and to stop and they'll usually listen.

I hate her dumb transphobia. She's a terfy idiot lesbian.

I hate how she treats her pets, thats a whole can o worms. Save twinkie
I'd like to friggin kidnap Wasabi.


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Everything that bugs me about her is annoying mostly because she doesn't feel the cold, hard hand of reality slapping her in the face when she does fucked up things. It's like she's created her own little pocket dimension where she can get away with pretty much anything. I resent it.
After this ER thing (and the ER bill thing) I'm no longer counting myself among the triggered.

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