What was DSP's Legacy in 2018 -


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Maybe it happened more in previous years (like his Persona playthrough where he ragequit the final boss), but it seems more likely now that Phil absolutely hates having to replay a section of a video game if he failed the first time.

When he got to the Secret of Mana final boss, he raqequit the entire game when he got to the final boss without any magic, then cried "what am I supposed to do; the game is unbeatable now!" He absolutely refused to replay the final dungeon of the level because "it was a waste of his time", even though it was only an hour.

On the recent Spider-Man DLC playthrough, he was absolutely enraged that he died during one of the enemy wave battles because he would have to spend 5-6 minutes replaying it. Eventually he just raqequit the DLC.

I know he's complained about checkpoints before, like Furi, but it seemed more apparent this year that DSP absolutely hates having to replay sections of a game if he dies/fails, even if it's just a couple minutes.

Or maybe I'm just not familiar with DSP lore and am imagining it.


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Threatening to slap an eleven year old girl and getting mad over Tevin during the Halloween stream. Apart from that, just the usual begging about MUH BILLS, MUH TAXES.

Things he should have got banned for was swept under the rug, then again time after time he proves his worth as a cockroach. Who knows what next year brings, what happens next is anyone's guess. I predict Kat will find another sugar daddy, everything else will be deja vu.


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The Halloween stream disaster with his soulmaid will always be imprinted in my mind. The awful Bob Ross costume he uses from this point on (especially the bad acting), his narrative of a super lovely relationship crumbled down, he showed his social incompetence on a way new level, he was not aware of the "demon memes", Kat felt heavily insulted, Dave protects himself in the usual "Game of Blame" and turns this evening into a pathetic toxic witch-hunt; the birth of:
It's uuuuuh Tevin's fault.


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Or maybe I'm just not familiar with DSP lore and am imagining it.
It's not your imagination. When he went back to Scarface he was bitching milliseconds after pressing start. You'd think he was passing a stone. He only ever revisits his failures for money, which is why he started making them donation goals rather than redemption runs that he'd do expecting a big turnout. That's too much of a gamble; iirc the MGS ones were the last ones he did and the $participation$ wasn't great. Now you gotta pay upfront if you want that dance, papí.
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Emerging triumphant against those sexually deviant Dutch fucks who wanted god knows what to do with him. He truly showed the strength of his mettle when he got to the bottom of that all on his own with absolutely no help from detractors, random people who were being impersonated, etc. . .he definitely didn't sit there doing nothing while squirming like a liar so much that long-term supporters believed The First Falcon over him and quit his community.

If I ever need a good chuckle I just think of Patrick & Brenda, and their Amazon wish-list full of bondage body-harnesses and butt plugs.
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