What was going on with Japanese PS2 games?

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Jun 18, 2020
Did anyone ever play Mister Mosquito? Was it a good game? I always wondered

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also I didn't know that the Japanese box is literally just a fucking foot with a mosquito sucking the pinky toe 🤢
I played it a couple of months ago on a emulator it's kind of like a flight simulator game where you're a bug and not a plane. For as stupid as it looks I actually had a lot of fun with it and would totally recommend it.
Man, I know that a lot of these titles brought up are extremely out there and bizarre, but I sometimes long for gaming to go back to that period.

Titles like that simply wouldn't even be so much as glanced at by publishers and studios nowadays, because that means risking losing money, due to how expensive development has become compared to then. It's why we hardly see any genres like stealth anymore, because the audience simply isn't large enough to warrant the costs. It's much safer for publishers and developers to stick with the same safe formulas and heavy monetization over and over, lest you risk running your studios into the red.
Smaller studios and indie companies still make weird games sometimes. I haven't played it but cruelty squad only came out a little bit ago and that looks like quite a bizarre game. Also no one makes you play the new games that are coming out you still can just play the older titles which aren't that hard to find.