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So we all know that Maddox is now a cuck and laughingstock, but that wasn't always the case. Back in the early 2000's, he actually made funny and unique content. I even still go back to his website from time to time to read an article or two.

It was around the time of his first book deal, however, that he start making fewer and fewer updates to his page. By the time he started his YouTube channel, we got maybe four articles a year from him if we were lucky.

While it's been a few years since he's actually been funny, I still fondly remember checking his website on a daily basis hoping for a new article or yet another roasting of some poor sap who sent him hatemail.

Here is one of my favorite articles of his.

What are yours?



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I think I liked all of those "I am better than your kids" articles he made long ago, where he would go out and be a dick to kids for their bad artwork. I liked the website he dedicated to that same idea too.


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His utter cuckoldry actually somehow went back in time and obliterated my memory of any time he was even remotely cool, and I can no longer even remember anything funny he ever said.

That's exactly how pathetic his current behavior is. It caused any small part of my mind that was ever amused by him to commit suicide in shame.

I can literally no longer remember anything funny about him.


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His utter cuckoldry actually somehow went back in time and obliterated my memory of any time he was even remotely cool, and I can no longer even remember anything funny he ever said.
I feel ya, but disagree. He maybe the biggest cuck in the universe, but it still doesn't wash away the witty hot take on IFLS. Of his older articles, I liked "I Am Better Than Your Kids" (duh), "Evil Nazi Feminists From Hell" and "One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't".
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I really found his art critique's funny, the sheer space between maddox the early edgelord vs maddox the sad bitter freak in terms of time means I don't really connect the two when I'm enjoying his old articles.
I mean if youre looking for like, edgelord shit from the early 2000s, at least this dudes book was successful.
FCK that reminds me of this ninja guy on Youtube that would do like "ninja" videos like instructions or praise and get people would send in questions like "how would a ninja do this" and he would explain it in an awesome way. I loved that guy.

YES I FOUND HIM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR68W56DCBU

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lVSub2wsys lol.
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Imagine making a career out of humorous mid-2000s apathy and then when you get famous you take yourself so seriously that no one can tell you no one cares about your dumb bullshit and you take that to such a level that you lose all your money and the entire internet laughs at you.

It's like an retarded Greek tragedy.

Mostly I liked it when he had zero tolerance for children.


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The one where he ripped on Sasha Grey. chronicling her journey from ex-porn star to arrogant lolcow (reading to schoolchildren under her adult stage name, "'Homer and His Family' is my favorite show.")

Whichever articles included the monster hag girlfriend MS Paint job.

Answering e-mails from people with poor grammar/exceptional behavior even stupider than his.

The 'chicks dig jerks' articles from back when I was 14 and didn't grasp Nice Guy bullshit mentality yet.
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