Containment What WILL Chris's Fate be? - How do you think it will end?

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What will happen to Chris?

  • Prison

    Votes: 438 20.7%
  • Monetary fine

    Votes: 35 1.7%
  • Nothing (autism shields him again)

    Votes: 341 16.1%
  • Hobo saga

    Votes: 164 7.7%
  • Suicide

    Votes: 72 3.4%
  • Couch surfing with the few white knights he has left

    Votes: 114 5.4%
  • Group home

    Votes: 217 10.3%
  • Institutionalized

    Votes: 698 33.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 38 1.8%

  • Total voters

Oct 24, 2021
1) He's admitted it more than once, and they likely have physical evidence so it wont be just up to Barb.
2) Again he has admitted it, and his Lawyer is good and he's requested assessments of Chris but that's just to see if he's bonkers and able to stand trial.
3) He'll likely get the assessments and just get medicated if he genuinely needs it or starts acting out.
4) No chance he's going back there ever again without going back to jail.
He's also admitted he's Jesus Christ and a CPU Blue Heart or whatever the fuck that means. I mean. He's bonkers. It's easy to make it out like he's delusional and lives in a fantasy world. Idea Guys made him say a lot of shit that were not really true but that he believed hard. Unless Barb admits it, or there's physical evidence like DNA, he's getting away with fucking his mom.

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Mar 10, 2013
He's also admitted he's Jesus Christ and a CPU Blue Heart or whatever the fuck that means. I mean. He's bonkers. It's easy to make it out like he's delusional and lives in a fantasy world. Idea Guys made him say a lot of shit that were not really true but that he believed hard. Unless Barb admits it, or there's physical evidence like DNA, he's getting away with fucking his mom.
He’s not legally insane though since he was hiding the fact he was raping his mother from Null and then blackmailed him not to publicly talk about it, albeit in a super autistic and dumb way by saying it was Null’s test to not leak it or something dumb and egotistical like that so Chris knows what he was doing was wrong.

Oct 24, 2021
Then Gandalf the Grey And Gandalf the White
And Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight
And Benito Mussolini And the Blue Meanie
And Cowboy Curtis And Jambi the Genie
Robocop The Terminator Captain Kirk And Darth Vader
Lo Pan Superman Every single Power Ranger
Bill S. Preston And Theodore Logan
Spock The Rock Doc Ock And Hulk Hogan

Will come out of nowhere, lightning fast.
They will kick Chris Chan in his lolcow ass. :(


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Sep 28, 2021
Yeah he killed a kitten… Remember that one kitten that people were trying to get help for but Chris refused? That one… That poor baby died. I couldn't imagine anything happening to my cat Luna. She is the sweetest thing and she always wants to be around me. She followed me home one time when I was coming back from the gas station. She came out of the bushes and started doing circles around my legs and meowing. So she followed me home and that was it. That was nine years ago. She just turned nine this month. Sorry for the autistic rambling guys but yeah…
I'm new to the CWC. i knew of chan since encyclopedia dramatica, but joined this place because of Lucas werner. I read up on this guy and forgot about him since like '16 or earlier.

Idk dude, I love cats, all animals, but cats especially. Mines sleeping right next to me right now. I couldn't see life without him. A friend of a friend found him in a bush outside of her apartment and they texted me and asked if I was still interested, and I ran to Walmart to get him a home setup and picked him up within an hour.

Whoever abuses helpless animals deserves the worst in life. May the spirit of the universe show them no mercy.


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Jul 10, 2017
You can have delusions being schizotypal, even psychotic episodes, but brief.
Tell me this isnt textbook Chris:

The signs of schizotypal personality disorder include three major components. The first is a decreased capacity to form close relationships, which can cause a person severe discomfort. The second is experiencing distortions in one’s thinking or perceiving of events. The third is exhibiting eccentric behavior.

In younger people, schizotypal personality disorder may first manifest as attention problems, social anxiety, or interest in playing or working alone. Kids may struggle with being teased or bullied, which can further heighten social anxiety. To receive a diagnosis, a person must have experienced these signs by the time they reach early adulthood.

A person also must have experienced five of the following symptoms:

  • Lack of close friends outside of immediate family
  • Eccentric or unusual beliefs or mannerisms
  • Belief in superpowers (i.e. telepathy) or superstitions
  • Excessive social anxiety associated with paranoid fears
  • Paranoid thoughts or doubts about others’ loyalty
  • Interpreting harmless events as having a personal meaning
  • Dressing in an unkempt or odd manner
  • Sensing an absent person is present
  • Strange or rambling speech patterns
  • Flat or limited emotional responses
Yeah Chris is pretty obvious drawing from that well. But more amazingly is how Melinda Scott clearly checks every single box on that list. That should trigger a fun Melinda Meltdown.

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May 3, 2018
bingo no idea why so many weens cry over barb she is as much as a monster as he is if not more

I know its not PC, but Barb had been grooming him unknowingly for years. You don't force your adult son to spoon with you. One could argue she sexually assaulted him as well, using him as a substitute for the affection of a lover.


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Oct 8, 2015
I don't think Chris is schizotypal. He's just narcissistic and has maladaptive daydreaming. (I based my assumptions on Randy Stair's diagnosis). Just like fellow exceptional individual Randy Stair, he couldn't cope with reality so he went deep inside his cartoon world.

Courtesy of CwCki, he only blabbers about the merge right after he hears bad news:
View attachment 2647670
  • His "sonichu body swap" was right after Babscon was cancelled.
  • His 2nd of April "merge is coming" tweet was right after the new debt lawsuits were filled
  • His final "merge is coming" was after he got arrested
If he really was schizophrenic, his delusions would come and go at random, not when he was upset.
Not to mention the chances of waking up at age 39 schizophrenic with zero instances of psychotic episodes prior is extremely uncommon. Early to mid 20s are the most common times people with psychotic disorders first show symptoms.

onset of schizophernia.PNG

Also the mental health evaluation he had to do in 2004 at age 22, a very common time when those symptoms appear, (note chart) actively goes against the idea

"His thought processes were linear and logical. He was somewhat concrete, especially regarding social interactions. He seemed to have good insight into his limitations. As suggested above, his thought content was largely based on his interest in Pokeman [sic] and sonic [sic] cartoons. He did not express any delusional thought content. There was perhaps an obsessional quality to his preoccupation with finding a girlfriend, although he did not feel that this was a problem for him. He did not voice any perceptual disturbances and did not seem to be responding to internal stimuli."

"The patient has not had significant medical problems other than his autism. He has no history of head injury, loss of consciousness, seizures, CNS infections, stroke."

May 30, 2020
He will be let off free. Then he will move back to his home with Barb and continue soul bonding with her and removing her sins like the God that he is. Of course.


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Sep 14, 2021
He will be let off free
I hope not. However, one must consider the fact that modern America is the shittiest and most immoral nation to ever exist in all human history. Also, Shartmerica is run by subhuman deformed worthless psychotic pieces of shit, so that outcome would not surprise me at all.

Feb 14, 2015
I gave a joke answer before but If I give serious consideration to it, the answer is honestly complicated, he has finally done something that’s so ducked up and debauched he’s set on a path he can’t come back from. Hell, even with his previous criminal history his life wasn’t completely ruined, he served out his minor sentences for The Snyder and Pepper spray incidents and despite his constant history of antisocial behaviour he was always free to live a normal, albeit Incredibly unsatisfying life that he could strut around Ruckersville eating and buying whatever he wanted in relative peace.

Honestly despite what most people here think, I truly believed that If Chris truly had wanted to, he always could have come back from his history of failures and shitty social behaviours and could’ve completely changed his public image, shitty behaviours and reintegrate hîmself into society to become a (somewhat) accepted and sociable human being that can find and maintain real and meaningful relationships with people. He wouldn’t have been a jock- Brad pitt type by any means, but If he had matured and held some more adult Interests he’d definitely have had more friends post MHS and even from College and people he’d met In the various bars/clubs/places around his local town.

But now with the recent events, I don’t see him ever achieving some form of routine or normalcy in his life ever again, this crime is monumental, it’s stained his soul forever. Even after he gets out of jail he’s never going to be able to hold the small pleasures (ie, house, tugboat, computer access, video games and toys, fridge full of food, room accommodation) that he took for granted ever again. He’s most likely to wander around homeless, he’s pretty much unemployable for real at this point so there’s an almost nonexistent chance he can financially provide for himself and find proper housing. He then either does something truly crazy where he gets sent to a group home or become a ward of the state and live out the rest of his life in obscurity. Either way there’s no chance he’ll ever be permitted to live with Barb at that shithole ever again. It’s a pretty grim and disappointing end,, but it’s probably the best outcome he could hope to look forward to at this point.

TL:biggrin:R Chris has basically alienated every single friend and family member in his life and now he has nobody but the most faggy and insistent of weens and orbiters to stalk him. He’ll have to be confined to a life of true isolation from society for his and the public’s safety bar an act of divine intervention that can ‘rescue’ him from his terrible life. Chris is more or less probably going to Die Alone, sad but not entirely unexpected.

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Feb 16, 2018
I think they’re going to be fighting an uphill battle if they want a conviction. Barb won’t want to press charges or testify against him and it would be difficult to prove that Chris didn’t legitimately think she was consenting; I wouldn’t say that about anyone else, but this is Chris and delusional thinking is the norm for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was offered a deal where he pleads guilty to an easier to prove charge in exchange for a lighter sentence.

I still don’t think he’s going to stay behind bars that long, if at all. But if he doesn’t go to prison, what will happen to him? The mental health system doesn’t want to put people in a psychiatric hospital long term and they only do it if they’re a danger to themselves or others. I’m guessing that he goes to some kind of group home where he gets strict rules about internet usage.

He’s been in jail for six months now; I have to wonder how that’s going to change him and how it’s going to impact whatever housing arrangement he winds up in?