What will happen to Thomas in 2021? - What's next for our favourite pedophile dog fucker?

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
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I don't know whether to rate this ”winner”, ”informative” or ”Islamic content”.
Well for tom it is a loser. See when the Space Jews get back they love the taste of freshly slaughtered bum that fed of garbage.

See it turns out they consider tom food. The filthier it is the better the space Jews love it.

They say bums taste a lot like chicken.


BNHA Yaoi is Important...
I wholeheartedly headcanon death in a dumpster post-skanking. Or dies in a prison/psychiatric facility senile and alone, drooling and babbling half-hearted lies about "kiwi farmers" or "I didn't rape that runaway!!!" or feebly and being too weak to masturbate to any man and or child or puppy's genitals/asshole.


Intersectionally trash
Shit himself then do nothing while the roaches in his apartment keep breeding and laughing at his failure of a life like we do.

Then maybe hunt for some teen puss around Facebook only to utterly fail.

And then come back here to REEEEEEEEE about Mariposa.

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
Person of Interest
Tom will continue to sperg at @Dee Price and @Mariposa Electrique , and will get ridiculed to no end for this forum's amusement
I have to agree there. He hates real woman and real trans females. Tom is livid he was not born a female so he could live his delusional idea of a female life.

sitting around eating chocolate and playing cards with the women living off a man and making him work himself to death.

Anyone that is female and read his concept of what a woman's life is like laughs at his obviously male concept of what we do all day.

Clostridium Botulinum

So good you'll be stunned!
Also betting he moves himself here...

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