What will happen when Amber dies? - It‘s like the Barb Thread but with Amber

What will become of CadaverLynn?

  • Cremation, local zoo incinerator

    Votes: 139 33.0%
  • Burial, piano box

    Votes: 75 17.8%
  • Science, largest-ever donation to Body Farm

    Votes: 75 17.8%
  • Controlled explosion of her carcass on the shores of Toxic Shock Lake

    Votes: 132 31.4%

  • Total voters


We are preexisting conditions
This forum will be inundated by people who never posted here but now have a ton of opinions on ALR, until the mods decide it's been enough and it's retired into Spergotory. The Haydurs will make videos about how much they actually admired ALR, and do their best to keep their cash grab for as long as possible. The FB and Reddit haydurs will on the daily find old videos or posts to get angry about all over again. And life goes on.