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Chris, alone for the first time in his life: His Father; deceased for years, his Mother; finally with her husband once again, with Patti and the other cats at their sides. They all prance and dance in the afterlife with splendorous finesse.

Chris, finally alone, has no one to turn to, the body of Barb is cold within her couch as the family cat, Lucy, nuzzles gently into her still, cold hands, hoping it's nudging would reward it with a pet. Chris wipes away his tears, knowing that there is nothing here in this house of broken memories. Chris cradles Lucy in his hands as Clover and Snoopy snuffle around his feet, "Come on, fellas," he softly says to the animals, "We have nothing holding us back."

They all ascend into demigods, skinning themselves of their mortal flesh as their bones turn to ash.

They form the dark god of redeption and electricity-type Hedgehogs, Sonichu.

I've thought about this for a while though. I really hope this thread doesn't get locked.

It's a disturbing idea because Chris has never experienced independence. While he would have a house and a steady income even after her death- I don't think he would be able to manage his money or even keep the house clean (not clean anyways but whatever)

I could see him committing suicide because he's proven time and time again that he has no coping skills. Or, he'll go postal.

Either way lets hope Barb doesn't die for a long time.

It'll be the most awakening experience in his life.

Nothing, NOTHING, he has gone through will even compare to this. He will lose the bubble that has contained him from reality for the first time. He will be thrust out into the cold, harsh world with noone to enable him, coddle him and let him remain a child forever. He will have to grow up. It will litereally throw his entire world upside down. It'll be the first REAL chapter in his life, the first time he has to actually behave like an adult.

Yet despite all that, he will shit himself and keep playing with Lego