What would be the *realistic* result of random people around the world getting free-for-all superpowers at semi-regular intervals? - Americans get the best ones, of course.

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With the current health state of this fucking damned world...
I don't even know actually if USA can get the best ones... but i will scared of China & Russia.

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You'd see a slew of new dictatorships rise up in dirt poor third world countries, only the new head of state isn't going to be as easy to remove as the old. or they just turn into hellish warzones as various people duke it out to rule and lord over each other. First world You'd have police and government recruiting them to fight the ones that want to pull the first one.


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For the purposes of this hypothetical, the upper limit is "able to significantly affect the entire observable universe itself".
Oh God, unless that power goes to some stoner, we're fucked if it's given to someone with ambition or sociopaths tendencies. I'm either guessing we'll get more mercenary types do to people not generally being that good. Superheroes may come, but they'll be in the minority.


If we go realistically and not ridiculous Superman level power + invulnerability or above. 19 out of 20 will near immediately kill themselves by not using their power correctly. The other 5% will either be taken out by the military or lay low out of fear of getting killed.
And that's assuming you have some massive revelation about the powers rather than realizing you could teleport by concentrating really hard in the ripe old age of 80 (and telefragging yourself into a wall).


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It'd be like giving a chimpanzee troop AK-47s. Nothing good will come of it.

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Majority of superpowers would be shitty like being invisible but really you're naked and people don't see you because you're ugly as fuck.

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If we're allowing power levels up to "affecting the observable universe," then the observable universe is doomed. Some asshole will eventually alter the universal gravitational constant, or fuck with entropy, or tweak relativity, or break one of the other million interlocked principles of physics that keep the universe functioning as a place humans can exist in. Then... poof. Humans, and perhaps reality as we know it, stop existing.


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Read Worm, watch The Boys and you'd get an idea.
Yeah, The Boys is generally the most plausible I think. The people with strong powers get paid a pro-sports salary to basically keep all the other supes in line, while stopping the occasional crime and churning out massive amounts of Marvel-like merch and movies. Although that assumes you don't have someone with Superman-level powers who can shrug off nukes deciding to take over the country.

Worm's setting is interesting, but it leans fairly heavily on an external threat keeping everyone mostly playing nice. That and the bullshit that is Contessa.

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